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Marcy 29.0682-The famous Tang YaoWang Sun Ssu died

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February 15th (Horse), March 29, 682 years, the Tang Dynasty the famous YaoWang Sun Ssu died.

The famous Tang YaoWang Sun Ssu died
Sun Ssu, born in the era of Western Wei Dynasty (541 or 581 to 682 years, March 29, and died February 15, Yong Chun first year ago for 1330) Sun Ssu centenarians . (Sun Ssu died "target =" _blank "> Sun Ssu age today the six saying: minimum 101 years old, the second argument is 120 years old, and the third argument is 131 years old, and the fourth argument is 141 years old, the fifth kinds of argument is 165 years old, and even a 168-year-old saying but anyway, age is not small.) famous Tang Dynasty Taoist medical scientist, was known as the "King of Medicine.
Sun Ssu he grew studious reading, 7 years old will be able to date chanting a thousand words. "able to recite every day thousands of articles, the 20-year-old can be talking about the doctrine of Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, and very well versed in Buddhist classics , be referred to as the "San Tong but he believes that career go too worldly, senior officials repeatedly refuses the offer can not be arbitrary, the court bestowed to Emperor Wen allow him to do the country sub Dr. He also said the disease do . Taizong throne, summoned him to Beijing to see his 50-year-old people can escape looks color, stature gait are like teenagers, with deep emotion, sidewalk: "So, the proper way is really worthy of respect Yeah! immortal character, such as the tomb door, wide as the child turned out some of the world actually, how would be empty words? "The Emperor also awarded him a knighthood, but still is Sun Ssu refused. Gojong throne, and invited him to do Jian Yi doctor is not allowed. Sun Ssu Hermitage when Gojong he gave him liangju, living there late the Poyang Princess mansion, and even then Celebrity Song Lingwen, of Meng Shen, Lu Zhaolin literature we are all very respect for him to be teachers of etiquette to serve him.
time, Lu Zhaolin ask the teacher a question: "doctors can cure difficult diseases, what causes it?" Sun Ssu answer is very exciting, and also shows the medical attainments, he replied: "well known to the people of Heaven change, inevitable in politics in personnel; thorough understanding of human disease must be rooted in the law of Heaven change weather four seasons, there are five elements, each other replacement of Si rotation. then is how to operate it? the Heaven of gas Heshun rain; angry it turns into the wind; condensed Cream fog; publicity divergence is rainbow. This Heaven regularity, also corresponding to the extremities five internal organs, Daytime Running night sleep, breathing essence, renewal and airflow Note the whole body of persons, made Ying Qi, Wei Qi; highlight Yu Zhi spirit surfaces in color; hair on the outside compared to sound, which is the physical laws of nature. yin and yang Road Heaven corresponding personal yin and yang and nature did not make any difference the yin and yang of the personal loss of the normal level, the human blood rushed the fever; the blood not General Health cold; the blood reservoir knot generate tumor and Warts; gas blood subsidence ulcer; the more blood mad Pentium asthma weakness; blood depletion will be the spirit of failure. various signs have appeared outside the blood changes are also reflected in the morphology, the world is not also true you? "< br> Sun Simiao of the good doctor's medical consultation methods do Summary: gall For large heart For small, round and line Chi For For parties. "bold" to have as Jiujiu Takeo confident and temperament; "heart" is like walking on thin ice, off the foot of the cliff edge, like always cautious; "Zhiyuan" in distress the round live machine becomes not stickle be made enemy the capacity of the first; "line side" is not greedy for fame and fortune is not the hearts of their own magnanimous heaven and earth. This is Sun Ssu good doctor requirements .. In fact, far more than in the medical and nursing staff, only from the man's point of view is concerned, I am afraid to a tolerance play nor perverse Road!
Sun Simiao of superb famous ancient and modern medical ethics medicine, especially for the elephants for future generations to study medicine, industry, medical ethics emphasis. his famous "Qian Jin Fang", "Big Medicine sincere" ethics norms on an extremely important position up specialized legislation, focusing on And he himself, but also to the German character and moral self-cultivation, smashing the representative of one of the ancient physicians and people respected times to great figures.

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