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Marcy 24.1103-Outstanding military commanders in the Southern Song Dynasty General Yue Fei was born

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(癸未 February 15), March 24, 1103, the outstanding military leaders of the Southern Song Dynasty General Yue Fei was born. born "target =" _blank ">

Outstanding military commanders in the Southern Song Dynasty General Yue Fei was born
Outstanding military commanders in the Southern Song Dynasty General Yue Fei was born
Yue Fei Yue Fei (1103-1142) word Pengju, national hero, military strategist, martial artist, anti-gold star word Pengju posthumous Wu Mu, later changed Posthumous Chungmu.
the Huizong on February 15, 2002 (1103), was born in the phase state the Tangyin, Yonghe Township Xiaoti, (Henan Province today the Tangyin process Village), chongning. ancestors farming for generations. of Yue Fei childhood death of his father, by his mother care for adults. legend of his mother, the "loyal patriotic," the word through the thorn in his back, so he wrapped up in the anti-hate in mind once worshiped Zhou Tong teacher to learn martial arts. < ; br> 1124 21-year-old army Zongze men repeated to build military exploits, tasted broken million to 800 Yue Jiajun large hardware soldiers, fame. official calendar imperial the Chungmu system army, Ezhou A armies statist make hayang other three towns Jiedushi
1126 change of Jingkang, Kinbyo break Kaifeng fall of the Northern Song Dynasty in 1134 (Shaoxing, four years), the Yue Fei first time cutting gold recovered Xiangyang, Xinyang Counties 1136 ( Shaoxing six) again the Northern Expedition, accounting for Iraqi sun, Luoyang, and was forced to withdraw due to fight the battle alone Ezhou. Yue Fei in the Northern Expedition in Zhuangzhiweichou wrote "Azolla"
1140 years (Shaoxing ten years) in spring, Wushu gold southward invasion, Yue Fei sent troops to the big break Kinbyo recovered Zhengzhou, Luoyang (now Kaifeng South 20 km), the gates of zhuxianzhen, capital of Bianjing of the fast approaching the Golden State. Yue Jiajun high morale, shouting & ldquo ; deepest "reconcilable Taliban Qin Hui and gave advice to the Song Emperor, firing the twelve medals recall Yue Fei. before Yue Fei retreat, deep sigh:" 10 years of power, destroyed! resulting gun once wholly Hugh! Sajik country, it is difficult to ZTE! dry kun world, no re-multiplexing! "As a result of the Northern Expedition of Yue Fei failed because of political reasons. Yue Fei and his son after Qin Hui to be arrested for trial for treason charges, no trial results because it can not find evidence, and ultimately Qin Hui "unwarranted" charges (Hanshizhong face questioning Qin Hui, Qin Hui prevaricate being to body unwarranted (perhaps) "), in Shaoxing eleven years (1142), Lunar December 29 New Year's Eve, the supreme court in Hangzhou storm Pavilion was Prince
to Shaoxing three years (1153), Song Xiao Zhong throne, ready to Northern Expedition, they even ordered vindication of Yue Fei, bestowed Hubei Wang, posthumous Wu Mu Chungmu, Gaizang in West Lake Xixia Ling, namely the Hangzhou West Lake Songyue Hubei tomb "and Li Miao worship in Wuchang, Hubei amount the name Chungryeol, Revised History of the Song columns Chi Biography. (lsjt.net)
< br> "loyal patriotic"

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