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April 4.1939-Ningxia Border Region enactment of the Land Ordinance

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April 4, 1939 (February 15) JiMao, Ningxia Border Region to the enactment of the Land Ordinance. Comrade Mao Zedong

Ningxia Border Region enactment of the Land Ordinance
Yan'an Yangjialing farmers cordial conversation April
1939, the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region Government announced Ningxia Border Region Land Ordinance. [History on. Cn]
"Ordinance provides that determine the private ownership of land, the land of the people has been allocated from its privately owned. Old before the land reform of land relations are treated as void. Share of the land of China, where land reform is required to hold a subdivision permit or land registration certificate. Where the border area land ownership acquisition, fully use and dispose of their land rights. Where in the past announced the confiscation without allocation of land as a commons, its dominance belongs to the Border Region Government. Public waterways, natural swamps, road transportation, mineral salt land is not privately owned. Traitorous actors on the ground that the case of the commons. Land is required to apply for registration. (Lsjt.org)
"Ordinance also stipulates that land use based contract to private ownership of land and respect for legal contracts. Public and military needs, the Government may impose the land of the people, but will be subject to the actual situation, the conversion of other land, or be a premium.
where the escape door closing households no successor of land, the county handled by the township government Land Commission reported. Unresolved land disputes, the management ownership Gengzhe all, such as the forcible collection of rents or prevent cultivators, as appropriate, penalizing. Where the occupation of others' land by fraudulent means of threat, once identified, to be sanctioned in accordance with the law. Where not registered in accordance with the law of the land or unauthorized transfer of land ownership, substantiated by the government punished the people informant.

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