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Marcy 18.1965-Soviet astronauts in the spacecraft drift

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March 18, 1965 (, Otomi, February 16,), Soviet cosmonaut spacecraft drift. Leonov,

Soviet astronauts in the spacecraft drift
in spacewalk before Bailey Ya Yefu (left) in the "up" on the 2nd
1965 March 18, 2011, Soviet cosmonaut Allier Clexane-A-Leonov became the first person to leave the orbit of the spacecraft drift space. Leonov open
when the "up" on the 2nd Double spacecraft to fly by over the Soviet Union, the window for 10 minutes in space, and put on the spaceship with a 5 yards long rope a specially designed space suits, so as not to suffer the impact of the intense heat of the sun. The Soviet Union and European TV viewers saw Leonov doubled in the space of a rib head out from the cockpit scenes.

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