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Marcy 16.1930-The death of Spanish dictator Rivera

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March 16, 1930 (February 17) Gengwu the Spanish dictator Delhi Vera died.

The death of Spanish dictator Rivera
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1930 March 16, 2011, to step down until six weeks ago, the Spanish dictator Primo - General Rivera died in his Paris apartment, aged 60 years old. Rivera power increase was mainly due to his French Moroccans insurrection against Spanish interests, where the mole tribal to a 2 million modernization Spanish troops played rout. Rivera to personally supervise operations in Africa, his last success he became a national hero. (history TodayOnHistory.com)
Rivera swear his dictatorship have only been in place months, domestic economic reforms to reduce unemployment, the introduction of public facilities, to facilitate the modernization of the country. along with its prestigious improve, his reign will be extended from 3 months to 6 years. autocratic in Delhi Villa under the rule of Spain began to become settled, he lost the support of the king, to resign in February.

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