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Marcy 16.2006-Chinese writer Jade Snow's death

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(, February 17 BingXu), March 16, 2006, death of Jade Snow Wong, a Chinese writer.

Jade Snow was born in 1922 in Jinshan Chinatown. She is a writer and also a ceramic artist, and is likely to be the first Chinese woman writer in the United States.
masterpiece "girl" (1945), describes the experience of growing a family with nine children, and her as a American women and immigrant families offspring, and how the experience of growing up in the United States struggle. Also described the her home traditional Chinese education, as well as outside Western education, these two very different educational methods, how no regrets, overcome and adapt to all kinds of cultural conflict, the end still proud of being Chinese. Published after being translated into many languages, the bicentennial of the United States was founded, in 1976, the public television station PBS to her novel as a blueprint filmed half-hour TV series, screened throughout the United States. 2004 "five girls" translated into Chinese and published in China by Yilin Press Release, the Chinese title "Fifth Chinese Daughter". Book is the English version is also published by China's Shanxi Education Press.
topaz snow for many years active in a number of associations and institutions, such as the San Francisco Public Library, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, San Francisco Chinese Culture Center, Chinese American Historical Society, and was awarded an honorary doctorate in 1976 to her alma mater, Mills College . March
2006 Topaz snow in the city she was born and raised in San Francisco, died at the age of 84.

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