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Marcy 12.1925-Sun Yat-sen's death in Beijing

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March 12, 1925 (, Yi Chou February 18), Sun Yat-sen died in Beijing. In In 1925, Sun Yat-sen, the founder of the Republic of China and the Chinese Nationalist Party, suffering from liver cancer treatment failed in the 5th the Beijing Dongcheng iron lion alley Xing Yuan's death, aged The 59-year-old. Deathbed, he said the last sentence: "peace, struggle to save China. "

Sun Yat-sen's death in Beijing
Sun Yat-sen's death in Beijing
Sun Yat-sen's death in Beijing
Sun Yat-sen's death in Beijing
Sun Yat-sen's death in Beijing
Sun Yat-sen's death in Beijing
Sun Yat-sen's death in Beijing
Sun Yat-sen's death in Beijing
Sun Yat-sen's death in Beijing
The afternoon of January 26, 2011, Sun Yat-sen was seriously ill admitted to Union Hospital treatment, 9:00 pm surgery, open the abdominal cavity, known to have been advanced liver cancer can not be cut rule. February 18, was admitted to the Beijing Iron Lion alley of Wellington Koo Sidi diagnosis and treatment, the disease day Benedict. 22, Sun Ke, Soong, HH Kung, He Xiangning, Wang Jingwei, Zhang, Li Lieh-chun, referrals to the Sun and the testator. 24, 2009, the disease progression was prescribed commanded, with the consent of the Soong Ching Ling agree, then the Sun Division, Soong, HH Kung, Wang Jingwei light step walk into the ward, three pre-written wills, a single word to read it to the Sun Yat-sen. Family wills
Sun Yat-sen
Sun Yat-sen mortal remains
affairs wills as follows:
I devoted to the revolution, where four decades, its purpose in seeking of freedom and equality. Product of four decades of experience, know that to achieve this aim, we must arouse the masses of the people, and the joint to equal nations in the world, the common struggle. Now the revolution has not yet succeeded. All my comrades, It should be in accordance with the the remainder book "nation-building strategy)," Reconstruction "," Three Principles of the People) and the first National People's Congress, the Declaration, to continue its efforts in order to implement. Recently advocated open the National Conference and the abolition of the unequal treaties, in particular in the shortest period to promote its realization. Is Suozhi Well! The Sun Wen
Sun Yat-sen left to his family wills text as follows:
I do weary affairs of state, where he died the family property. Its legacy of books, clothing, housing, etc., all pay Agatsuma Soong Ching Ling, as a keepsake. The sons and daughters of the remainder, has grown into a self-supporting, hope their respective love to Following Stephen. This will urge! Sun Wen
caused by the Soviet Union last words personally dictated in English by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, notes by Borodin, Eugene Chen, Soong, Sun Ke, further clarified the three policy. March 11, He Xiangning found that Sun Yat-sen's pupil astigmatism, acute divisions Soong Ching Ling Soong Ching Ling tolerate the grief personally hand to the Sun Yat-sen's wrist and wrote the word "Sun" in the last three wills. Sun Yat-sen's long descendants Branch (left),
Soong Ching Ling (right) in the hall
March 13, 2009, the KMT Central Committee issued an order that all party members to wear black armbands to stop the house of feasting. Central Park turned into Tingling ground. March 14th, embassies legation flocked to the hospital to offer condolences. On the same day, Duan Qirui government extraordinary Diet session, by motion, wells a Funeral fee of 10 million allocated by the Ministry of Finance held a state funeral for the Sun Yat-sen. March 15, snow, mourners lined up to go to the hospital to offer condolences. the Huangpu Military Academy
Chiang Kai-shek (front) presided over the funeral service, handheld elegiac Zhou Enlai In March 1925, the Eastern Campaign Army rallies memorial to Sun Yat-sen, commander Chiang Kai-shek to preside over the General Assembly, with a total director of the Political Department Zhou Enlai took the elegiac
March 19, Union Hospital moved to Central Park, spirit, and along the way more than a dozen people stood in everywhere wreaths, elegiac couplet. Spectacular mighty funeral procession, in front of 300 police security personnel open, followed by a huge military band, after tens of thousands of representatives from all sectors, followed by armed escort team, followed by foreign diplomatic representatives, attache and travel Huaren Shi , followed by the relatives of hundreds of people. Relatives, coffin and Zhifu the Song Qingling take the green glass carriage with pivoting traveling. The last is a team of the guard. Along the way over the three aircraft fly slowly portrait of empty sprinkle. Horse track in the front door, and every five minutes airing Salute rings. Until 19:00, the funeral procession has not been cleared from the park.
Soong Ching Ling in Beijing Iron Lion alley of Xing Yuan
from March 24 to 27 by the hanging of the period. Hundreds of thousands of people to Central Park ceremony for Sun Yat-sen to express people's nostalgic feelings. 30, 2009, the Soviet complimentary glass coffin escorted by hand to Beijing. From March 12 to 31, the Funeral receive wreath over 7000, elegiac couplet, pull pieces of more than 500 species. The condolence signer of more than 740,000 people, of about 200 people, together with other mourners Front. the the broken hair
1896, Sun Yat-sen
attached: Sun Yat-sen the life of
Sun Yat-sen, the name of the text, the word Deming, No. Nisshin number changing Yixian. 1897 in Japan pseudonym Zhongshan chiao, then submitted Zhongshan known. Guangdong Xiangshan person. School in Honolulu, Hong Kong after 1878. Into Guangzhou Boji Hospital after subsidiary of South China Medical School, Sai Medical College accept Western learning education. After graduating in 1892, located in Macau, Guangzhou hospital room to practice medicine, brewing anti-political activities.
1909 Sun Yat-sen in London
the spring of 1894, a letter to Li Hongzhang proposed reform advocate, was rejected. This year went to Honolulu revolutionary groups in the Revive China Society, proposed a revolutionary proposition "to drive out the Manchus and the restoration of China, founded Triangle Government". Arrested in London in 1896, returning the following year after the organization rescued armed uprising.
in February 1923, Sun Yat-sen and his wife in Guangzhou Marshal House
Chinese Alliance was established in 1905, Sun Yat-sen was cited as the prime minister, the development of "the establishment of the Republic, the average land ownership & rdquo ; revolutionary program, the founder of the "people", revealing the Three Principles of the People doctrine advocated revolutionary violence to overthrow autocratic rule. Has organized the uprising ended in failure after the Wuchang Uprising in 1911, was elected President of the provisional government. Was sworn in on January 1, 1912 in Nanjing, in April, was forced to resign from the presidential post. In 1919, the Chinese Revolutionary Party was reorganized as the Chinese Nationalist Party. Organize the government of the Republic of China in 1920, he was a great president, planning for the Northern Expedition. to
1924 years the restructuring of the Chinese Kuomintang, the Chinese Nationalist Party hosted the first National People's Congress, through the party platform, the party constitution, declaration, to reinterpret the Three Principles of the People, the implementation of United Russia, total, to assist the three major agricultural and industrial policy, decided to restructure the revolution party, the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. Create the Whampoa Military Academy. 1924 northward to discuss affairs of state. Died in Beijing in 1925.

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