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Marcy 16.1979-Vietnam, the end of the war of self-defense

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March 16th, 1979 (February 18), Kang Xi, China, Vietnam the end of the war of self-defense.

1979, 16, 2009, the People's Liberation Army Guangxi, Yunnan border troops from Vietnam full withdrawal is completed, return to the territory of China. Self-defense war lasted 28 days. The same day, the Xinhua News Agency reported that this record of self-defense, Chinese frontier guards continuously from February 17 to lay the Lang Son, Dong Dang, Lu Ping, Cao Bang, complex and seven Creek, Guang Yuan, under Lang Lang off , and Ann, Dongxi (on TodayOnHistory.com) Chongqing, tea Spirit, through agriculture, Shuo Jiang, Old Street, Kom sugar, Meng Kang dam spilled, Sabah, Shop Lou Guo parameters, mound, etc. over 20 Vietnamese towns and strategic locations in these regions to Vietnamese regular troops and local armed crushing blow.

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