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Marcy 22.1916-Yuan Shikai announced the abolition of the monarchy

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The (hare on February 19), March 22, 1916, Yuan announced the abolition of the monarchy. Yuan Shikai Hongxian dressed in new design

Yuan Shikai announced the abolition of the monarchy
Yuan Shikai announced the abolition of the monarchy
the emperor military uniform
March 1912, Yuan Shikai in Beijing became the provisional president of the Republic of China, Yuan Shikai, the faithful representative of imperialism and feudalism the results of the 1911 Revolution, which began the reactionary rule of the Northern Warlords. In October 1913, Yuan Shikai became the official president. He's takeover of the country of the rule of power, Emperor dream "to start. Yuan Shikai ordered the dissolution of the Kuomintang, the revocation of a member of the KMT in membership. Finally he just ordered the dissolution of the parliament, they concocted a new Constitution, the provisions of the presidential term of 10 years, can be re-elected indefinitely, the presidential heir recommended by the current president. Yuan Shikai make Republic's ambition to become a home world exposed.
in order to implement the imperial Yuan Shikai at the expense of national sovereignty, in exchange for the support of imperialism. In January 1915, the Japanese imperialists to intensify its aggression against China, the Chinese 21 exclusive China to achieve its purpose. Hinted: "As long as the President acknowledged these 21, the Japanese government hopes the presidency again soaring step. "Yuan Shikai accept" 21, "the news caused the anger of the people of the whole country. Under the pressure of the masses, "21" was not able to implement.
Yuan Shikai want to be emperor, but he is not eager to stage, even said: "I could not even the president are reluctant when, where also wanted to be emperor! "He verbally so secretly has stepped up the manufacture of the restoration of the monarchy of public opinion. He coated with a layer of "public opinion" for the imperial color. So some political opportunists and Yuan Shikai minions organized by "nationwide petition Federation" when the emperor to drum up support for Yuan Shikai. In October 1915 and held a meeting of the so-called "national representatives", the provinces "on behalf of" the the Yuan Shikai presents "Tuidai book" says: "the general will of the citizens, we Tuidai now President Yuan Shikai when Emperor of the Chinese Empire. "Yuan Shikai posturing, the" Tuidai book returned to carry forward the republican. Goes when the "Tuidai book" Second, Yuan Shikai will no longer be put off.
1915 12 12, Yuan Shikai announced its acceptance of the throne, and changing the country for the Chinese Empire. Then ordered to change the Republic the five "Hongxian first year, ready to board the pole on New Year's Day 1916. Unfortunately, dreams are not long. Never allow imperial restoration of the baptism of the people after the Revolution, the anti-Yuan, rapid rise of anti-Japanese patriotic movement. Chinese Revolutionary Party led by Sun Yat-sen, publicly called for people to "multiply when you rise up" anti-Yuan struggle to the end. Progressive Party has always been to support the Yuan Shikai also taken up the anti-Yuan road. Lian the northern warlords Group internal, obvious differentiation. Did not wait for the Yuan Shikai glory, Yunnan CaiE initiated to protect the country and sports organizations National Protection Army crusade against Yuan Shikai. Yuan Shikai deserted, only on March 22, 1916 announced the abolition of the monarchy, the presidency itself. But all over the country are organizing an armed uprising, hang the banner of the National Protection Army Punish the Yuan Shikai. Yuan Shikai shamed into disease, died on June 6, 1916, the National People's reviled sound.

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