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Marcy 31.1975-Vietnam chaos, Da Nang, Hue, the fall

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(Mao, Feb. 19), March 31, 1975, Vietnam chaos, the fall of Danang, Hue. the victory of the North Vietnamese Army into

Vietnam chaos, Da Nang, Hue, the fall
Vietnam chaos, Da Nang, Hue, the fall
the Hue
1975 March 31, 2010, the North Vietnamese army today approximation Sai Kung, South Vietnamese troops launched an offensive in North Vietnam before hurried retreat. President Nguyen Van Thieu to be located in Sai Kung peripheral line of defense, but Vietnamese troops continue to disintegrate, the intention seems increasingly unlikely.
North Vietnamese offensive began on March 10. When the North Vietnamese army to attack the the more music provincial capital 150 miles north of Sai Kung Pradesh US Sichuan. They almost did not encounter the resistance of the South Vietnamese army occupation of the town. On this view, it is clear that all of the northern region in South Vietnam a great danger of falling into the North Vietnamese in the hands of.
the support of a large number of tanks, the NVA began southward across Shihe since the cease-fire in January 1973 as the dividing line. Nguyen Van Thieu president publicly vowed to "hold the line" by the South Vietnamese army rarely resist, have fled and abandoned the northern half of the country. When the
the northern army southward ready captured a former U.S. Marine Corps headquarters of South Vietnam the second largest city of Danang, the former imperial capital of Hue population also began evacuation.
tens of thousands of panicked refugees often braved the North Vietnamese artillery and rocket attacks, escaping to the coastal cities, mixed in the chaos of defeated army into South Vietnam. The United States at first to send naval vessels to help refugees retreated south along the coast of North Vietnamese troops shipped refugees have been impossible.
the end of the month, the South Vietnamese army actually chaos forces of intelligence estimates that about half of them in the rout in the desert or the powerful army of North Vietnam prisoners. Sai Kung North Vietnam opportunistic attack, this capital city has been shrouded by the defeatist sentiments. The Hanoi radio Vietcong ready with a exclude government of President Nguyen negotiations. tanks
in Sai Kung shells hit fire

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