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Marcy 16.1914-European arms race and war rhetoric upgrade

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March 16, 1914 (February 20) Jiayin, European arms race and war rhetoric upgrade. March

1914, the entire European countries are stepping up armed themselves, the war seems more and more likely.
in the UK and around the government more than the construction of the vessel engaged in a fierce debate. [Lssjt.cn] Winston - Churchill Lord of the Admiralty in the House, said: "We intend to build five squadrons Germany we built eight squadrons. "A Labor Party member of the opposition to this proposal, he said:" Churchill's attitude to pose a danger to national security and world peace. "
In the Austro-Hungarian Empire, military spending is the largest part of the budget expenditure. Russians want to be expanded to 4 times the number of its troops. In Berlin, a Frenchman told a group of pacifists: "no innate hostility between our countries. We all want to live in peace. "For a lot of people in Europe, the passage reflects their wishful thinking.

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