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Marcy 19.1949-"Chongqing" cruiser Chiang machine sunk

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March 19, 1949 (Year of the OX February 20), "Chongqing" cruiser sunk by Chiang Kai-shek. the

"Chongqing" cruiser Chiang machine sunk
to the liberated areas, sailing Chongqing No. 19,
1949 bombing of Huludao off the coast of the Kuomintang's largest cruiser "Chongqing" KMT aircraft surface braved billowing smoke slowly sinking. can not after
2 months in Shanghai Wusongkou "Chongqing" ship defected to Communist China, Yingqin ordered the Air Force immediately dispatched to find the "Chongqing" to intercept the intercept can not intercept would rather sunk let it fall on the Communist Party of the hands.
3 15, air transport brigade pilot Pan Zuoliang back from North China Huludao outside waters mooring a ship suspected "Chongqing", found at an altitude of 8000 meters. Nanjing rushed to send a reconnaissance plane to fly Huludao over the camera. Proved to be the "Chongqing". The morning of January 19,
3, three B-24 heavy bombers loaded blockbuster after takeoff from Colonel Field. The after aircraft arrive Huludao over, and soon discovered a huge ship is "Chongqing". The first batch of bombs dropped after hitting the target, "Chongqing" lost activity; followed by a second batch of bomb hit. "Chongqing" has begun to tilt about to have foundered, but Nanjing do not worry, they dispatched a third batch of bombers. Despite arrives "Chongqing" has foundered, but the pilots still dropped the bomb, until it completely disappeared from the sea. Nanjing Department of Defense immediately telegraphed this "good news" Chiang. Chiang that call back to make the awards "active" personnel.

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