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April 6.1969-Patriotic general Zhang Zhizhong's death

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April 6, 1969 (, Jiyou February 20), the death of patriotic general Zhang Zhizhong.

Patriotic general Zhang Zhizhong's death
Zhang Zhizhong, word text white, was born in a poor family. Youth affected by the impact of the Revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who joined the military, (lsjt.org) Sun Yat-sen's Three Principles of the People and the alliance with Russia, co-assistance to peasants and workers, "he championed three major policy and served many important military a patriotic general political vision and a sense of justice. (L $ jτ.cń)
Zhang Zhizhong has a high degree of patriotism and strong sense of responsibility to the nation. Many patriots, his early years, is also holding the aim of salvaging the country and join the army. He has always held that the duty of a soldier to defend their territory for the country. Whenever the state and nation face critical juncture of life and death, he was always in the forefront, to assume their responsibilities. 1932 January 28 "Battle of Shanghai, he was appointed commander of the Fifth Army, despite the obstruction of the KMT ruling clique, decided to march to the front to fight side by side with the Nineteenth and left a suicide note, determination body Xu. During the eight years of resistance, he always adhere to the War of Resistance Against Japan in the end, until the final victory. Especially valuable, Zhang Zhizhong never participated in previous anti-communist civil war waged by the KMT ruling clique, who never fought the Communists senior generals of the Kuomintang.
Zhang Zhizhong, a visionary statesman, he can follow the historical trend, keep pace with the times. He and the Communist Party of China has maintained friendly relations. Early in the Revolution, he on the same Zhou Enlai, Daiying, and other Communists established a friendship. The struggle of the left and the right students of Whampoa Military Academy, he was sympathetic to the Communist Party, has also been so attacked by the right wing of the KMT. Since then, even in the KMT's anti-Communist onslaught, he did not follow the crowd, to change their attitude. During the war, in Chongqing, with Zhou Enlai collected from further deepen the understanding of the Communist Party. After the war, he advocated peace and actively contribute to the founding of the KMT and the CPC Chongqing negotiations. In 1945, Zhang Zhizhong by Zhou Enlai commissioned successfully rescued Sheng Shicai imprisonment years more than 100 Communist Party cadres in Xinjiang them safely back to Yan'an to save a number of important backbone of the Communist Party. In 1949, Zhang Zhizhong, head of the Nationalist government delegation to Peking to conduct peace negotiations with the representative of the Communist Party, when the agreement reached between the two sides after the KMT authorities refused, he completely disappointed with the KMT accepted Zhou Enlai's entreaties to stay in Peking, the statement make a clean break with the Kuomintang diehards, was the beginning of a new life.
Zhang Zhizhong attended the first session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the founding ceremony, witnessed the birth of his coveted new China. After the founding of the PRC, he served as an important leadership positions, and actively participate in the political life of the country, his time for the reunification of the motherland, personally presided over the work of the KMT Central Committee to promote the reunification of the motherland, Taiwan's return to the motherland, his dedication, have done a lot of beneficial work. April 6, 1969, Zhang Zhizhong illness died in Beijing at the end of his journey of life.

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