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April 4.1983-U.S. Challenger first flight to be successful

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April 4, 1983 (February 21) Guihai U.S. Challenger first flight to be successful. U.S. space shuttle

U.S. Challenger first flight to be successful
the U.S. space shuttle "Challenger" made its first flight on April 4 to April 9 in 1983. 80 laps around the earth, a range of up to 3.3 million kilometers, the entire launch and landing process is going smoothly.
during orbital flight, astronauts full test of the space shuttle system, also cast a large tracking and data relay satellite, the first time in nine years extravehicular space walks, to test a new type of universe clothing. In addition, also made a series of space medicine and scientific experiments. In addition to the huge cast of the sinking of the "Challenger" communications satellite failed to achieve a predetermined synchronous orbit satellite rocket reasons, the entire flight to be successful.
Unfortunately, the "Challenger" January 28, 1986, during the 10th flight for more than 70 seconds after liftoff explosion caused the tragedy of the world's largest aerospace history. (Lsjt.org)

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