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April 4.1983-South-South Conference in Beijing

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(Guihai February 21), April 4, 1983, the South-South Conference in Beijing.

1983, socio-economic studies of the Third World Foundation and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences jointly organized by the South-South conference held in Beijing, the official name for the South-South conference: development strategy, negotiation and cooperation discussions & rdquo ;. 100 politicians from 26 countries, attended by well-known scholars.
meeting to discuss the socio-economic development strategy of the Third World countries, the prospects and opportunities of the North-South dialogue and South-South cooperation.
meeting pointed out that the strengthening of South-South cooperation is conducive to the improvement of the power of the Third World countries the development of the national economy and collective self-reliance, is conducive to promoting North-South negotiations carried out in order to change the irrational and unjust international economic order.
meeting requirements of the U.S. government and the minority governments of developed countries should endeavor to promote the global negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations, in a holistic manner to solve the economic problems between the North and South. It also recommended the establishment of effective organizational and technical support institutions for research and strategic planning of the system. (Lssjt.cn)

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