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Marcy 30.1940-Puppet national government was established, Wang Jingwei chaired

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March 30, 1940 (February 22) Dragon puppet national government was established the Wang Jingwei chaired. puppet national government Chairman and Chief Executive Dean

Puppet national government was established, Wang Jingwei chaired
as Wang Jingwei for inauguration speech
1940 30, brewing for months, Wang puppet central regime was finally established. The original construction of the National Government in the fall to the Japanese army smashed to pieces, so Wang's "national government" to move into the pre-war former site of the Examination Yuan. The auditorium packed, warm and happy atmosphere, the audience was calm
morning. Wang's emergence, many high-ranking military attache uniformed civil service is a blue robe and black gown, only Wang's dressed in a morning coat, still, such as the elegant demeanor of the year, but began a bit old and haggard.
Wang's speech has always been full of provocative, vivid and powerful today his voice low, his speech weakness and perhaps failed most of his life in a speech. His speech to the effect that: (1) Greater Asianism final proposition of Sun Yat-sen northward through the day; (2) the history of decisions centuries and war (3) clean up the mountains and rivers to save the common people.
ceremony after he finished hastily ended. Photo of a photo, all together in the auditorium entrance. Congratulations form of of all countries wont diplomatic envoys, Japan also did not like Zhou Fohai the strive sent resident ambassador. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) with the Japanese Embassy supreme commander of the West End is to the next morning, before to Wang the government for formal deal. Wang establishment of the government is quite bleak.
the same day. Chongqing National Government published a list of 100 people wanted on from Wang Jingwei, including Wang regime hospital ministries the the deputy Executive, as well as all the times long one exhaustive.

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