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Marcy 14.1993-Finally, a death of the Revolution the elderly Mr. Yu Yuzhi

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(癸酉 February 22), March 14, 1993, and the last one the death of the Revolution the elderly Mr. Yu Yuzhi. March 14, 2011

1993, [lsjt.net] involved in the death of the Wuchang Uprising last one elderly Mr. Yu Yuzhi "target =" _blank "> Yu education, Mr. Xiongpei. According to the" badge die a natural death in the Hankou home. Mr.
Yu Yuzhi born 31 December 1889 in Hubei Huangpi County the reading in Wuchang, Hubei Army mapping School, he joined the anti-organization "in hand will Wuchang Uprising participate seize Chu Lookout, to attack the Government House and the Battle Yangxia to achieve the Three Principles of the People,
Yu Yuk's own goal, Taoyuan law enforcement, Northern Expedition Dongzheng, when he firmly follow the Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1924 the first time the Communist cooperation Mr. Yu Yuzhi as KMT Shanghai Executive Director, passion and Communists, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) with Mao Zedong, (lssjt.cn) Yun Daiying Deng in the summer, (lssjt.cn), ( the lssjt.cn) to the police to work together after the founding of New China, Yu Yuzhi high enthusiasm to participate in the construction of new China (lsjt.org)
Yu Yuzhi life ups and downs, but also live to be 100 years old, he longevity Three Character Classic ": a set of self-rule of thumb" Su light early night silence; breakfast, dinner; read books, look at the newspaper; often smiled, Mo troubles; ground for a blessing, the constancy want; busy old, Shou old.

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