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Marcy 16.1917-Russian Tsar abdicated

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March 16, 1917 (, Dimba February 23), the Russian Tsar abdicated.

Russian Tsar abdicated
last Tsar Nicholas the II a
March 16, 1917 at 3:00 pm, the Russian Emperor Nicholas II to abdicate. He let the title documents signed in front of the officers in the the Pskov Army Command, he said, "May God help Russia.
abdication Russia ended a few months of confusion. Russia has incurred huge casualties in the offensive of the German front line. A loss of 200 million in 1915 alone. Tsar ignored the voice of the people for peace, a few months ago, he himself as a military command that he agreed with the war. Hunger afflicts countries, bureaucratic incompetence and greed so depleted that the food is also difficult to hungry mouth. Czar's army shot and killed hundreds of people this winter when the workers held a strike for "bread and freedom".
3, 12, Tsar command the dissolution of the Duma (parliament), composed by the the moderate Liberals Czar supporters, was Parliament rejected. The Tsar called Praetorian Guard to impose its edicts, but guards uprising. (Lsjt.net)
on the same day, the two groups are ready to rule Russia: Duma leftist Progressive Group, and Petrograd workers and soldiers, composed of representatives of the Soviet. The latter also includes the leadership of the factory floor, the representatives of the mutinous troops and leaders of the socialist groups. (On TodayOnHistory.com)
Czar recommended more than he has the freedom of thought, when the Grand Duke's brother to take over the throne, but he is unlikely to accept this honor. The former royal family now or face a revolutionary, or have fled.

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