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Marcy 16.2004-Amateur chess world champion Liu Jun's death

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March 16, 2004 (Jiashen February 26), amateur chess world champion Liu Jun's death.

Amateur chess world champion Liu Jun's death
2004 March 16, 2010, Liu Jun, amateur Go 7-segment, the amateur world champion Chinese chess circles generation legend sudden death at home in Shanghai in the bathroom, the cause of death of suspected gas poisoning or a heart attack. the age of 29. the
LIU Jun was born in June 1975, 7-segment amateur, Shanghai and the country one of the best amateur master, was diagnosed with heart disease and quit the National Team, Liu Jun began his amateur Qijie new career. In 1996, the the 1997 Wan Baobei two-time champion, the 1996 and 1997 World Amateur Championships, 4th Chinese couples Guanjun the first session 三星火灾杯 32, 2002 15th Yellow Cup champion.

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