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Marcy 17.1890-"Sino-British Treaty of Tibet and India signed

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February 27 (GY), March 17, 1890, the signing of the Sino-British Treaty of Tibet and India ". December,

1886 the the British envoy Waldorf body suddenly the clear atmosphere Premier Yamen, accusing the Tibetan authorities outside the boundary from the Darjeeling similar to Barry's place to establish Fort, intended to prevent Tsusho. Insist that Tibet soldiers of Transboundary to Xi Yi-hsiung (Sikkim) place in the second year. British hostage Qing Dynasty ordered the withdrawal of the Tibetan army, or the Anglo-Indian colonial case the authorities will have to "troop movements deported". (L $ jτ.cń) British Jieduan cause trouble, while access to Tibet, invaded and occupied the capital carry Zhemeng male (Gangtok). (L $ jτ.cń) Qing Dynasty not only does not support the Anti-British struggle of the Tibetan local government, and also non-involved in the battle against British invasion army stationed in Tibet from inland provinces. In 1888 in turn has patriotism Resident Minister Wen Gu removed from office by the deputy high commissioners for Shengtai successor. In 17 (sixteen years of the Qing dynasty, February 27) in 1890, signed by Branch Lee with the British Governor-General of India Langston in Calcutta, India (the Sino-British meeting on Tibet and India Treaty of 8 models main elements: (1) delineate the border of Tibet and Cao Mengxiong; (2) provides that Zhemeng male under British protection and management; (3) the trade between representations and nomadic leave the matter after the meeting. (l $ jτ.cń) < ; br>

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