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January 24.1622-The Japanese shogun Oda Nobunaga brother organizations Tian Changyi's death

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January 24, 1622 (13 yau years of the twelfth lunar month) the Japanese shogun Oda Nobunaga's brother Organization Tian Changyi death. the

organizations Tian Changyi (1547 -1622 January 24) is the younger brother of Oda Nobunaga, and also the Azuchi-Momoyama to the Edo period, the early varieties such people.
he is weaving Tianxin Xiu youngest son, young man named source five (or Yuan Wulang to) No. music Lent as Um, (the L $ dj¦Ó.§«§§T) later said more Oda music, Oda Le Chay . The (lssjt.cn)
At first he served Oda Nobunaga long male Xinzhong arm escaped Kyoto instinct Temple of change. Instinct Temple of change, Shi Feng woven Nobuo Territory Mei Zhang, Chita-gun, later abandon territory and shaved Shi Feng Hideyoshi, leading photo-chun country taste tongue Erqian Dan. belonging to Dong Jun,
Sekigahara wartime to built military exploits, get 30,000 Japanese national stone. (At this point he was in Kyoto Jian Ren Temple True Story of hospital settings such as Um, creators tea ceremony music streaming.) To Osaka Castle official career, to help niece - lake temple - and when the Osaka winter's array is still in Osaka Castle, but is suspected is Jiang Shogunate spies, for suspected collusion enemy offenses, in the the Osaka summer of sounding of the town, from seclusion in Kyoto. in
he had is no Rikyu learn the tea ceremony, called Rikyu seven Zhe one Zaixing The True Story of the Kyoto Kenninji hospital construction the tearoom, such as Um (National Treasure). (Lsjt.org)
now, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo has Yurakucho, named because music stayed, he stayed in the house ruins still exist. Osaka where music lived also have a have Yurakucho (According to ancient map of records, the location should be in Osaka Nishinari Ward Tengachaya nearby (Nankai Electric Railway and Osaka camp under the iron of the world Chaya station nearby), but After the war a number of regional redistricting has not existed.

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