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February 1.1662-Recovering Taiwan

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February 1, 1662 (13 1901 the twelfth lunar month), Zheng Chenggong recover Taiwan. the

Recovering Taiwan
Recovering Taiwan
Zheng Chenggong rate of force against Taiwan, the Netherlands lost to surrender
in 1662, the late Ming and early Qing dynasties in China's national hero Zheng Chenggong led his army to expel the Dutch invaders, recovered Taiwan. Zheng Chenggong Fujian Nanan County child he was thinking, bravery and promising. The father ZhengZhiLong late Ming Fujian Chief General Officer. His boyhood is in a period of great turmoil in China, the idea of ​​salvaging the country lay a deep imprint on the bottom of my heart.
1646, the Qing tide of Qiantang River, occupied Zhejiang. Grasp the the Long Wu Zhaozheng power ZhengZhiLong surrendering. Zheng Chenggong distressed country seen their homes destroyed death and suffering of the people to refused parent capitulate, burning clothes Career, recruiting Ming forces. After a bloody battle, Xiamen as the Ming forces base. Zheng Chenggong third Northern Expedition failed, force major injuries. Him to consider the global situation, to feel alone Xiamen and Kinmen as the base, too weak, it is not possible to restore the Central Plains of the great cause of. If you get rid of the invaders of the Netherlands, irredentist, expanding the Ming forces base, grow their own strength, the situation would be much better. And the Taiwan people's unbearable the Dutch invaders atrocities, and looked forward to the liberation. So the Zheng Chenggong decided Huige Dongzheng recover Taiwan.
Taiwan China's sacred territory since ancient times. "Taiwan, China's land ... today I to claim, Angelica. "Zheng Chenggong sternly warned the Dutch colonists solemn oath, his" decade beginning recover first base "wishes. (History today www.lssdjt.com)
Dutch colonialists invaded and occupied in 1624 in Taiwan, 38-year colonial rule and plunder the people of Taiwan, the disaster-stricken people of Taiwan, looking forward to the motherland recover Taiwan. April 21, 1661, Zheng Chenggong armored his sword, led the army of mighty starting from Kinmen material Logica Bay sail Limbo across the sea to recover Taiwan. [Τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm]
Koxinga's army in the march in case of southeast headwind, Bailangtaotian fleet can not travel, only to return, parked in Penghu 36 Lantau middle of the road for several days not. Rations emergency, urgent action must be taken. Zheng Chenggong released a command, solemnly declared: I am a great army, risking risk Dongzheng, in order to regain the occupied homeland, never to go abroad just for the sake of ease. He inspired the soldiers, do not be afraid of a storm, do not be afraid of the enemies of the ship cannon, obey the command of one heart and one mind, and we will certainly be able to overcome the difficulties and to recapture Taiwan. So the army officers and men work together, top headwind to take the pelting rain, rows of waves, the fleet continued marching to the southeast. Dawn on April 29 reaching as far as the coast of Taiwan. The fleet avoid Chiqian City Coast, Bypass from Luermen landing. Immediately after landing, surrounded by a a military stronghold Chiqian City (Tainan), and launched a fierce battle with the Dutch colonial army, played invading army defeated to regain the Chiqian City. Dutch governor Coyett Xianshibumiao, they play a delaying tactic, and expressed their willingness to mid-tribute. The Koxinga categorically to make, unless you surrender, Taiwan returned to China, else there is no second way good to go. Koxinga ordered the attack, now to attack entrenched Taiwan Coyett (Anping). After 9 months of the siege, the Dutch gunned, and finally had to hang a white flag of surrender, sent people to send a capitulation. February 1, 1662, the surrender ceremony was held. On this day, the Dutch invaders lowered his head in front of the Chinese people. due to his military Kongzong
Zheng Chenggong recover Taiwan 5 months, worked hard into the illness, tragic death, when he was only 38 years old.
of Zheng Chenggong portrait

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