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April 12.1996-Japan Mazda Ford Motor Company mergers

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April 12, 1996 (Rat on February 25), Japan, Mazda is Ford Motor Company mergers. Mazda

Japan Mazda Ford Motor Company mergers
founded in 1920, is known as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd. was founded at the beginning, was renamed Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. in 1929, the areas to expand to the machine tool manufacturing. Light to begin production in 1931, a small three trucks. And in the second year, that in 1932 began to export to China. Interrupted during the Second World War, production resumed in 1945. Back in the sixties, Mazda launched its first car model; inexpensive lightweight three trucks played a large role in the economic development process. Mazda as the overlord of the industry has been rapid development in the fifties. (L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m)
Beginning in 1958, Mazda began to get involved in the areas of production of small four trucks. In 1959, the monthly average yield of Mazda for more than 5,000 vehicles, expanded to 20,000 in 1962, three years after 1960, the Mazda's production in Japan in first place.
Mazda from 1970 to the United States exports of auto exports to the U.S. in 1979, up to 1,000,000. Parts exports of countries in the 1970s, Indonesia, Portugal and Tobago, (lssdjt.cn), Iran, (lssdjt.cn) Philippines, (lssdjt.cn), Thailand, (lssdjt.cn), Pakistan, (lssdjt.cn) Kenya and other countries.
Mazda in 1969 with Ford on joint production of automatic transmissions to reach agreement, and so in 1971 to provide Ford the finished small pickup trucks. In 1979, the two sides began a capital cooperation, through the good cooperation with the Ford Motor Company, Mazda Motor's competitiveness in the international market greatly increased.
1996 Mazda in Japan by the U.S. Ford Motor Company mergers.

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