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April 12.1847-Yung Wing to study in the United States

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April 12, 1847 (February 27) DingWei, Yung Wing to study in the United States.

Yung Wing to study in the United States
1847 to April 12, 2011, Yung Wing to study in the United States, arrived in New York. Yung Wing's Birthday "target =" _blank "> Yung Wing (1828-1912), Nanping Village, Xiangshan County, Guangdong (this case Zhuhai), word reached Meng, No. pure just born poor peasant family. Worked in Macau Englishman ancient Tel rich Mrs. Church Primary School and Morrison church school reading childhood that influenced by Western culture education. (lsjt.org) Morrison School Principal American missionaries Muir Blanc illness returning, Yung Wing with the Blanc couples peers (peers United States Huang Kuan, Huang Sheng Huang Kuan turn the UK to study medicine, become the first Chinese students studying in England.) the Yung Wing into the United States Monson secondary schools, after examination of the Ru Yelu University. work-study and hard work and discipline, 1854, Yung Wing graduated with honors and a bachelor's degree to become China's first America graduates political ideology and social practice of life
Yung Wing, there are several points worthy of attention: First, the capacity Hong Modern China "Education Saves the Nation" idea first he advocated "by Western civilization academic to transform the culture of the Orient, will make this old empire one becomes juvenile New China.", 1898 years, he participated in political reform activities of the reformers. coup d'etat occurred, he escaped from Beijing in 1900, he took part in the Shanghai Tang Caichang "Congress presided, pushed for the president to engage in anti-uprising, as Reward for the Qing government, fled to the United States via Hong Kong in 1910, invited Dr. Sun Yat-sen the United States to negotiate, to support the revolution. Yung Wing capable of advancing, and not just confined to the reformist stance, particularly valuable. Yung Wing Modern Yung Wing, the founder of the International Student Movement, when you graduated from college developed a scholarship through the "Education Plan", prepared to persuade the Qing government to implement this, he gave up the opportunity to further study in the United States, decided to return home by the multi- activities efforts in 1868 by Jiangsu governor DingRiChang, to Qing government recommendations, its center is to send the "Ying Sau youth, sent abroad to study, and that the national savings workforce from 1872 to 1875, Yung Wing served in America student supervision and the United States for Fushi, mandated to chair to send the children to the United States to study, before and after the four batches of 120. actively support the Office of Westernization 1863, Yung Wing in Zeng Guofan curtain build Jiangnan Manufacturing Bureau and the purchase of machinery in the United States He in the recommendations put forward by DingRiChang to the Qing government, there are mining mineral railways prohibit church interference in civil litigation five, in particular, in November 1860, he made a special trip to Nanjing, seven recommendations to the Taiping, hope Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, to draw on the advantages of Western capitalist system to carry out the reform of the political, military, economic, and cultural education. Unfortunately, this set of system program has not been adopted. Yung Wing Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, as a new regime, and placed great hope in it was even later bourgeois reformists can not match. Yung Wing buried in the city of Hartford, Connecticut, USA, with a "of Cortona China Literature", "Western Learning remember" .

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