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April 12.1904-Tibetan army and British forces battle in Gyantse

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April 12, 1904 (on Jiachen February 27), the Tibetan army and British forces battle in Gyantse.

Tibetan army and British forces battle in Gyantse
Tibetan army in the the Gyantse fort bloody fight against the invasion of British troops
1904 12, the Tibetan army in the the Gyangze fight against British troops. British Younghusband, McDonald led his army to invade more than 10,000 people in Gyantse, the occupation were government. Tibetan army counterattack, side soldiers in Gyangze east of the Ka Luobu, doubt attract the British forces main side attacked the headquarters of the British army in the plains, overcome Gyantse fortress, surrounded by all stay Gyangze the British, including Younghusband made first battle victory.
15, Younghusband in his papers, said: "We will soon wake up from this self-confidence over. So far, the lamas just resist our advance; they resolved to take us to the public strike widowed offensive. "Intelligence Unit of the lamas must be very fine. We divide our forces to attack Karma provoke pull them riding courier immediately the weak fly at Shigatse, which is in the valley 50 miles away. The same night, from Shigatse deployed 1600 soldiers to attack us. They are night and day forward. "

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