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April 4.1712-Kangxi implementation

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In (, Imjin February Eve), April 4, 1712, Kangxi implementation "Assessment acres of" tax policy.

Kangxi implementation
beginning of the Qing Dynasty in the recovery of taxes and corvee exploitation, is in accordance with a whip levy faction of the Ming Dynasty taxes and corvee. Although a whip has part of the small silver Norway gravitropic acres levy sent by ground providers and spawned share the burden, not abolished (TodayinHistory.cn) Dante silver, but the amount is still considerable, farmers bear the burden, forced Escape. had to work the exploitation
Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi announced April 4, 1712 AD (February 29, 2011, Kangxi), 1711 (Kangxi 50 years), the small silver amount levy fixed, permanent small silver the future additional childbirth, no longer levy.
Emperor Kangxi said, this is "good for the people," the "event", so called "Holy the World Ziding, never add Fu". "Assessment acres, is the last major Endowment System Reform in China's feudal society. It is the implementation of popularity in the early period of Yongzheng Dynasty Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, eventually completed in forty-two years of Qianlong. The "Assessment acres" Chronicles Xiangyan small office silver combined land tax silver being together levied.
Emperor Kangxi (Picture)
this day in 1712 is important in the history of China's tax day. In this day in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi announced the introduction of a new policy, called "Assessment acres" Since then the holy world of Ding Tax. From that day countries received only the land tax is no longer received Tax in today's language, the people more children never received the fiscal and taxation, no further increase in tax standards in accordance with the previous year's figures, when the Qing Dynasty had this a policy of self-explained since ancient dynasties of people do not have a benevolent, 1712 Kangxi Qing Dynasty, why do not charge population tax? Manchu emperor really Renyi Aimin it? course not, but we have to recognize the Qing dynasty emperor Manchu ethnic minority ruled the majority of the nation, handling taxes, and other issues have been more cautious, began the Qing Dynasty, the burden to the people than the light of the Ming Dynasty, mainly because it was the community anti Fuming call, the Qing government in this way be able to secure the majority Han people, because the people most concerned about is enough to eat, rather than see the banner fluttering in the capital.
Emperor Kangxi population to absolve the tax also contains the purpose of restoring the agricultural economy, because statistics since since the Western Han population has been closing the poll tax, where many people where necessary and more taxes, the people can not afford to pay to take the way is families flee or conceal, even infanticide, that is just given birth to a child drowned. Dynasties poll tax is really a disaster for the common people. There are a large number of people to leave the land to flee this end also seriously affect the land tax, eliminating the tax between the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, people can be assured of a child can also concentrate on production, do not have to flee until the early years of the Qing dynasty. The (lssjt.cn)
the long run on the court is also beneficial. Eliminating the poll tax is a direct result of the Qing Dynasty in the late big explosion of population growth on the history of China, before the number of court statistics soldiers, a total of only 24 million, if you count the women, young and old Qing dynasty the national population statistics at the most 100 million people, but the implementation of the exemption from the poll tax policies, only 130 years to the Qing dynasty, twenty years, is the Opium War broke out that year, 1840, the National The demographic has reached 400 million to 12,000 people, this once baby boom is unprecedented in the history of the development of China's population.

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