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April 4.0208-Cai Wenji, home of the late Han Dynasty famous Qin Hui and Han

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April 4, 208 (Lunar New Year in March, the first day), the end of Han's famous piano home of Cai Wenji back to the Han. the Cai Wenji back to the Han,

Cai Wenji, home of the late Han Dynasty famous Qin Hui and Han
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Cai Yan (177 -?): Cai Wenji (as Ming Ji Zhao Ji) famous in the late Han Dynasty the Kum home, history books say she "learned discernible talent, and wonderful in temperament (lsjt.net) father Cai Yong, a close friend of Cao Cao, 16-year-old married the Hedong Wei Chung Road, shortly after their marriage, the husband's death without children , back to her parents live. the
Eastern Han Dynasty, China's war-torn Dong Zhuo's Ministry of the prisoner, lived 12 years in the South Hsiungnu when of the Huns Zuoxian wife, frustrated by the case, and gave birth to two son of Cao Cao and Cai Yong friendly and congenial affection, Wenji's talented but unfortunately, it is made of gold wall redemption, received April 4, in 208 AD, the Central Plains.
Wenji (Han Jian ten years early March 1, 1804 ago) to return to their homes, after remarrying the Tun Tian Duyu Directors worship. the Sanyi classics, was ordered to fill Cai Yong Yi wrote more than 400 articles, exhaustive text. Cource and Sao grief poems each one handed down, pour the pain of Luanli and Gui Han when mother and other reasons, plaintive indignation, is a true portrayal of the life of the war in the Eastern Han Dynasty. the the melodies songs resigned "beat" 18 Hu eggplant
According to legend, she masterpiece. OpenCourseWare attached: the "indignant the poem"
Han quarter loss of authority, Dong chaotic days often Zhi an attempt usurpation, the first victims of the Wise Men Liang. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)
persecuted moved to the old state owned master to self-reliance at home and Xingyi division, For Total discuss ominous.
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hunting wild Wai cities, and to note Powang chop cut relict corpses phase stays refused.
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