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Marcy 23.1678-The Sangui In Hampshire became the emperor

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March 23, 1678 (in early March) Wu Wu Sangui emperor in Hampshire.

The Sangui In Hampshire became the emperor
Sangui (1612 -1678), the wordlength primary. Ming and Qing Liaodong, native of Gaoyou, height about today's 1.73 meters. Wu Xiang Zi, Wu Ju origin, Jinzhou taking part to the exploits and parent Yum grant all command. Of Liaodong 1631 Chongzhen four years, (Chongzhen four years) Zhuowei Chief General Officer guarding Shanhaiguan. The history contained Sangui Department Danyong Beifen the morale benefits drum ", late Ming and the last one war cavalry troops. March 20
Chongzhen seventeen years (1644) Rereading the volunteer army into Beijing, Chongzhen hanged himself Jingshan (Meishan), Beijing fall of its concubine Chen Yuanyuan Li Zicheng Ministry snatched his father was also detained & ldquo very cool; Khao swept, furious. Then a letter to the Qing Rui Prince Dorgon, Please Qingbingruguan off thieves. Battle is a stone with the Qing defeated Li Zicheng, by Qing seal Pingxi Wang. Shortly after the Qing Pioneer chase Li Zicheng, level bandits remnants destroy Shaanxi, Sichuan warlord and destroy Zhang Xianzhong.
1673 (Qing Emperor Kangxi years) clear Patriarch Xuan Ye decided to withdrawal San Francisco (Sangui, Shang Kexi and Geng Jimao,), the fief. Wu Sangui, Geng Jingzhong (Geng Jimao's son), yet the letter (Shang Kexi's son) refused to hand over power, raised an army rebellion. "San Francisco" rebel, arrogance very arrogant, war Ziman half of China. War years, the battlefield situation is reversed, the rebels were introduced into the Qing break, Geng Jingzhong, yet the letter have been surrendered to the Qing. for
1678 years (Kangxi 17 years), Sangui in Hunan Hampshire became the emperor, the national title weeks, Jianyuan Akitake. Died in the fall in Changsha. In its Sun Wushi? Throne, retire, according to Yunnan. Kangxi (1681), two decades Kunming Wai, Ng Sai? Suicide, Yuzhong drop. Sangui future generations kill. Including nursing infants.

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