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Marcy 26.1895-Japanese troops occupied the island of Taiwan and the Penghu Islands, by the Taiwan people to stand and fight

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March 26, 1895 (, Yi Wei in early March), Japanese troops occupied the island of Taiwan and the Penghu Islands were the people of Taiwan to stand and fight. March

1895, Japanese troops occupied the island of Taiwan and the Penghu Islands, April 17 Qing Zhili Governor and the Northern Minister Li day Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki, ceding Taiwan and Penghu.
cession of Taiwan, Penghu, the country with the anger. Will try lifts in Beijing, Kang and Liang set 18 the province lifts, more than a thousand "Bus letter, dwelt on the fact that things cede territory and subjugation of the big things"; opposed to cede territory summation advocated political reforms. cutting table Xionghao
spread to Taiwan, Taiwan grief, the poly crying City, day and night, without inhibit. Taipei gong strike, the public embraces ask Department, tearfully admitting any case of the Japanese, requiring Xiangyin allowed to transport out, Ordnance Bureau is not allowed to lay-off, all the likin charge with war Japanese. The local gentry Qiu Feng Chia to blood the book played Chen Qingting, cede territory conferences, Taiwan horrified! ... Land of Chendeng Sangzi, the righteous and survival; willing to fight to the death with Fuchen at Defense. Let battle victorious, please as soon Chendeng the postmortem cede territory to speak of. In May 20 Qing government ordered the governor of Taiwan and the size of the officials within the crossing the continent, is determined to give up Taiwan.
5 25 Qiu Feng Chia and other local gentleman and people came forward to the establishment of the "Republic of Taiwan" initiative, to the fight day crown occupation of Taiwan. Qiu Feng Chia et cited Tang song "President of the Republic of Taiwan", Liu Yongfu Great General of the Republic of Taiwan ", Qiu himself as" volunteer commanding "Code Taichung, the build number" yongqing ". The Keelung fall in
6. June 8, the traitor Chunsheng, Gu Xianrong Compliment the Japanese into the Taipei City. Yijun and played all over the world. Anping town Hujia You (A Jin), Hsinchu Jiang Shaozu, Xu Xiang, Miaoli the Wu Tang Hing, Yunlin, etc. people. The each branch volunteers to as little as three or four hundred, as many as seven or eight hundred or even more than a thousand public Expand the heroic armed anti ceded struggle. Guangdong, Fujian and other people of whom showed their solidarity by generous donations and others the skiff crossing station directly participate in the anti-Japanese. Established alliance, of Liu Yongfu with officers and soldiers gentleman and people drink blood, phase oath: not money, not official, not life, the joys relative to total Lulitongxin, Xinjiang total Shou crisis; late June Yilan, Hsinchu succession the fall. "Cession of Taiwan in mind" set: "the Japanese attack Hsinchu, Phase refused for more than a month; size of more than 20 battle each other casualties". Chu Coronel Mesquita Yangzi Yun desperate war dead in Toufen.
8 patriotic officers and men and the Rebel the Changhua Battle hit invaders. Guards Division of the main enemy to death brigade commander of the second brigade, the division head Yoshihisa will hit in serious injuries, after the death in Tainan, southward invasion of the enemy once briefly. The campaign, of Liu Yongfu pro-military Qixing team most of the Rebel leader Wu Tang Hing martyred wife Huang Wu the Xian Mei Suicide martyred. Liu Yongfu several severance
10 months the members within crossing for help, the Qing court decreed that non-owned station. Frustrated military and civilian complement recuperating after the date is divided by land and sea guilty migration south. The anti-Japanese military and civilian rates mechanical forage both absolutely, and the hollow of a tree belly against Bo with flesh and blood with the enemy dead. The black flag and other Coronel Mesquita Yang Sihong, Chief General Bo Zhengcai, the Rebel leader Xu Xiang, 3000, more than a strong man die for his country. Takao, Fengshan, Tainan fall of Liu Yongfu retreat back to Xiamen.
the Japanese landing since the end of May, the fertile bottom to enter Tainan month ended, which lasted a total of five months. Its troops, 50,000 public has invested more than half of the casualties and "patients" who more than to send troops, with some 30,000 people. Japan announced
11 months the whole island Pingding "released the the Taiwan residents penalty order, the the Taiwan residents Offences Order and Taiwan Prisons Order for construction of Taipei Prison.

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