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April 3.1992-National People's Congress approved the Three Gorges Project

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(Renshen March day), April 3, 1992, the National People's Congress approved the Three Gorges Project. Three Gorges scenery beautiful picturesque

National People's Congress approved the Three Gorges Project
National People's Congress approved the Three Gorges Project
National People's Congress approved the Three Gorges Project
National People's Congress approved the Three Gorges Project
the Fifth Session of the Seventh National People's rare in the world of the Three Gorges Project, 1767 votes in favor, 177 votes against and 664 abstentions, 25 has not been made in accordance with the voting machine.
4, the fifth meeting of the Seventh National People's Congress, considered the State Council for consideration of the construction of the Three Gorges Project motion, and based on the review of the report of the Financial and Economic Committee of National People's Congress decided to approve construction included in the Ten-Year Plan for national economic and social development of the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project, choose the right time to organize the implementation of the possibility of the State Council in accordance with the actual situation of the development of the national economy and national financial and material resources to continue to study the problem has found and properly addressed. Three Gorges Dam
aerial view
Yangtze River Three Gorges Project excavated
Three Gorges Project is the key to one of the many comprehensive measures to solve the serious threat of flooding of the Yangtze River sex works, but also the relationship between the national economy and the people's livelihood, strategic project across two centuries.
project is completed, the Jingjiang River flood standard may be a case of the current decade to a once-in-a-century, in conjunction with other measures, can prevent the Jingjiang River devastating disaster, but also mitigate flooding downstream in Wuhan threats; greatly improved after the completion of the Three Gorges Project, the generating capacity of up to 84 billion kwh, accounting for the current annual generation capacity of 1/8, an important energy source for the economic development of the central, eastern and eastern Sichuan; Chuanjiang waterway through capacity-ton fleet in half a year can reach Chongqing, to create conditions for the development of the economy and the prosperity of the southwest region of Yangtze River shipping industry; is also beneficial to the town's water supply and the South of the Yangtze River. MEW
1986 original organization of national experts in various fields 412 people, divided into 14 thematic argument; organizations nationwide more than 300 units of the National Science and Technology Commission, 3200 scientific and technical personnel for scientific and technological research, which re-establishment of the Three Gorges Project The feasibility study report. the
1990 years, the State Council set up the Three Gorges Project Review Committee, to hire 163 experts to examine the feasibility report, until January of this year, the State Council executive meeting passed. (Τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm)
Three Gorges dam site Sandouping

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