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April 22.1898-Yan Fu, "Evolution and Ethics" published

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April 22, 1898 (the Reform Movement leap in March, the first two days), Yan Fu, "Evolution and Ethics" published. In 22,

1898 Evolution and Ethics "translated works by Yan Fu was born" target = "_blank"> Yan Fu, "Evolution and Ethics" published "target =" _blank "> Evolution and Ethics" published. Book translated from the British Department of Yan Fu Huxley book "Evolution and Ethics", with an editor's note and the preface to express the views of the translator own. 1895 translated. Yan Fu translated books aim is to explain as to conform to the "Evolution" law reform movement will, from weak to strong, otherwise the relegation of national subjugation and genocide were eliminated. When when Jiawu defeated after the powers set off a frenzy to carve up China. Therefore, the Yan Fu book caused great shock in the intellectual.

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