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February 1.1958-American physicist Davidson's death

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February 1, 1958 (the twelfth lunar month 13) Ding, American physicist Davidson's death. , American physicist Davidson,

American physicist Davidson's death
discoverer of the electron diffraction experiment. Born on 22 October 1881, in Bloomington, Illinois, died in Charlottesville, Virginia on February 1, 1958, died in 77 years. [Lsjt.net]
1902 to enter the University of Chicago. Second year drop out of school temporarily to Pato University as a teaching assistant. Dissertation 1908, Davidson achieved buried degree at the University of Chicago, 1911, entitled "thermal emission of positive ions of alkali the disabilities metal salts to obtain a Ph.D. from Princeton University. After 1925, he became a physicist at Bell Telephone Laboratories. To cooperate with others in 1927 for the first time completed a experiments on crystal electron diffraction role, demonstrated the electronic wave diffraction thinking. 1930 Davidson to continue the study of the electron wave, especially crystal physics and applications of electron microscopy, and the development of electronic focusing technology. Davidson G · P · Thomson 1937 Nobel physics prize awarded two. Retired in 1954.
Davidson is the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, researcher at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a member of the American Philosophical Society. Addition to the Nobel Prize, in 1931, Franklin Institute awarded the Medal of the Ke Leisen and the Comstock bonus granted by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences in 1928, the Royal Society in 1935 awarded him the Hughes Medal.

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