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January 30.1969-The death of famous patriotic personages Li Tsung-jen

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January 30, 1969 (the twelfth lunar month 13) Shigenobu, the death of well-known patriotic person Li Tsung-jen. OpenCourseWare diagram: the death of either on behalf of President Li Tsung-jen "target =" _blank "> Li Tsung-jen

The death of famous patriotic personages Li Tsung-jen
The death of famous patriotic personages Li Tsung-jen
The death of famous patriotic personages Li Tsung-jen
Li Tsung-jen and his wife returned from overseas arrived in Beijing, Zhou Enlai at the airport once the KMT welcome
Li Tsung-jen government well-known acting president on August 13, 2011
1891, Li Tsung-jen was born in Guilin, Guangxi Province, Lingui County a generation farming family, 17-year-old began his military career, he joined the United League in 1910, to participate in over to protect the country and protect the law of war, in 1923 joined the Chinese Nationalist Party, November 1924, Sun Yat-sen appointed the Guangxi Army Corps, after he led the team defeated the team of old the Guangxi warlords Shen Hongying, to become the leader of the New Gui. during the Northern Expedition, he served as commander of the Kuomintang Army Seventh Army, had commanded Miluo river the Battle heshengqiao and the Wuchang siege warfare in April 1927, Li Tsung-jen Chiang Kai-shek held in Shanghai to attend the "party purge anticommunist & rdquo ; meeting, supported Chiang Kai-shek launched the anti-communist coup, and has served as the Third Army commander, the fourth army commander in chief, chairman of the political branch in August 1927, he was joint Yingqin forcing Chiang Kai-shek step down. outbreak in March the Battle of Jiang Gui Li Tsung-jen, failed to go to Hong Kong during the War of Resistance Against Japan, Li Tsung-jen served as the fifth theater commander Executive Chairman Anhui Province President, he commanded the the Taierzhuang Battle of the Xuzhou battle, the Taierzhuang victory and destroy the enemy more than ten thousand people in the War of Resistance Against Japan glorious page in the history after the victory of the war, he served as Beiping Xing Yuan Director April 1948, he was elected Vice-President of the National Government, Chiang Kai-shek "retire" and later served as acting president.
1949 12 Li Tsung-jen and with Chiang Kai-shek's political views are not leaving the United States in 1954, Chiang Kai-shek removed from vice president, 000 Bandung Conference in April 1955, Premier Zhou Enlai public statement, the Chinese government is willing to conditions, to fight with peaceful means to promote Taiwan's return to the motherland. refuge in the United States five years, Li Tsung-jen inspired published recommendations on the Taiwan issue, especially in the United States in August 1955, aroused strong repercussions at home and abroad. ( L $ djτ.cōm) after the consent of the Chairman Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and overseas, invited Li Tsung-jen, go back one day in the summer of 1956, came to Beijing with Zhou Enlai Contact Li Tsung-jen sent Cheng Siyuan years later, Cheng Siyuan to Beijing, the two went to Europe, Premier Zhou Enlai views conveyed to Li Tsung-jen July 20, 1965, the shelter overseas for 16 years, Li Tsung-jen, crossed the waters returned to Beijing, Premier Zhou Enlai personally to the airport to welcome him. < br> Li Tsung-jen's return to the motherland three years troubles of rectal cancer, died of illness in Beijing on January 30, 1969, aged 78 years.
Mao Zedong met with Li Tsung-jen, Guo Dejie

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