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April 9.1997-Chinese painter Wu Zuoren's death

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The (Landmarks March 3rd), April 9, 1997, the death of the Chinese painter Wu Zuoren. In In April 1997, the birth of our distinguished artist and art educator Wu Zuoren "target =" _blank "> Wu Zuoren illness invalid died in Beijing Wu Zuoren,

Chinese painter Wu Zuoren's death
Chinese painter Wu Zuoren's death
of Anhui Jing County, was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. admitted to the Shanghai University of the Arts in 1927. transferred to Shanghai Southland Art Institute in 1928 to learn under the tutelage of Xu Beihong and join the Southland community excellent sketch results in 1929 was admitted to the Higher School of Fine Arts in Paris, Professor Simon studio, later admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Belgium. (lssjt.cn) 1935 graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Belgium, and was awarded the title of "Gui Guansheng He returned to China in 1935. former Nanjing Central University Lecturer, Department of Art, Professor, Chengdu Provincial Art College professor during major works of painting "Lake Storm Riders", the kiln, etc. After the outbreak of war, creating a painting rub lampshade "," Sower "mother" air "," can not be destroyed went to Gansu, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Xikang travel sketches life "sketches" wrapped invasive battles "," Victims "Funan the eve of 1943, and held a personal exhibition. works painting Gobi Shenshui "," the negative water female "," Siniora "," possession of child "Qinghai coast, watercolor castles and cemeteries", "Karakorum", "Tongtianhe leather boat", "Ganzi suburban "1946 was elected for the Association of the Shanghai Art Beiping Art Writers Association, and served Peking art school professor, dean and provost in 1947 in the United Kingdom, France, (lsjt.org) Switzerland renowned foreign countries held exhibitions in 1951 joined the China Democratic League after successive Central Academy of Fine Arts professor, Dean, Associate Dean, Dean, honorary president of the Chinese Artists Association, the first to the third vice chairman, the fourth President , vice chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles of the fourth, the NLD second, the third member of the Central Committee, the fourth to the sixth director of the Central Standing Committee, and the Culture and Heritage Commission. elected in December 1992 as the the NLD third central Senate Committee, deputy director of the 1995 June was elected honorary president of China fames Painting and Calligraphy Institute is the first to the fifth National People's Congress, the Sixth National People's Congress Standing Committee of the Seventh National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Standing Committee of the 1982 painting "Kurahara grazing Omiya de Paris Art Exhibition Gold Medal in 1985, the highest medal of the French literary and artistic. Kingdom of Belgium, the crown-class Medal of Honor in 1988. the other works the painting "Fuziling" Qi Baishi like, Sanmenxia, ​​"" peasant painter " "desert oasis", "the emancipated serfs Herding", "jingpo waterfalls", "Angkor Zhaohui" painting "Daxinganling", "pole bucketful", "hawk", "Ben Yak" and "Panda "Goldfish," caravans "," red-crowned crane "published" the Wu Zuoren ink painting elect "," Wu Zuoren Paintings, the Wu Zuoren sketches set of Wu Zuoren · Xiao Shufang Paintings ".
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