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April 18.1885-And Japan signed the Treaty of Tianjin "

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April 18, 1885 (, Yiyou March fourth day), and Japan signed the Treaty of Tianjin. Reference April 1885, and Japan signed a the Tianjin meeting special section. December 4, 1884, North Korea "civilized party" Jinyu accordance Day in DPRK envoy bamboo Tim into a dense set plan, cited the Japanese army invaded the palace, held hostage by the King, the organization is a by "civilized Party" people as senior positions in the pro-Japanese regime. Known to history as the "Year of Monkey Incident. Incident bowls should be North Korea's request, to beat the Japanese and "civilized party, bar back to be held hostage by the Korean king. As Japan's military forces was yet Qing the enemy, the Cabinet and the Council decided to temporarily maintain the first to engage in combat readiness, and then Figure massive. Therefore, in February 1885, Japan has sent Ito Hirobumi plenipotentiary the Lieutenant General Xixiang Road Fushi, ambassador to China, took the opportunity to blackmail the Qing government negotiations. The Qing government representatives the Li Hongzhang take hitu seek security compromise principles, and April 18 in Tianjin and Ito Hirobumi signed a the meeting special articles "(also known as the Treaty of Tianjin or North Korea to withdraw troops Treaty). A total of three a Attached Lee Chi Iraq instruments. : Sino-Japanese from North Korea to withdraw troops; North Korea country in the future if there confound major events in China and Japan, or a country to send troops, should be mutual wording that gives notice. In this way, for the privilege of sending troops to North Korea at any time in Japan. Later, the Japanese use this about to launch the Sino-Japanese War.

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