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April 15.1926-Warlords prohibit Liu Haisu nude models teaching

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(Bingyin March fourth day), April 15, 1926, the warlords prohibit Liu Haisu teaching with nude models.

Warlords prohibit Liu Haisu nude models teaching
Warlords prohibit Liu Haisu nude models teaching
17th Shanghai Art College the West Painting Department of the graduating class of teachers, students and nude model photo
in 1914, the Liu Haisu with the teaching of nude models "target =" _blank "> bangs millet for the first time at the Shanghai Art College teaching body painting (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) In April 1926, 15, Shanghaimeizhuan students anxious divisions principals Liu Haisu, warlords Youyu banned models and threatened to close the U.S. specifically, and have seen the newspaper reports, a headline that says "the Shanghai Magistrate crisis Dauphin non-US exclusively nude painting." the Liu Haisu night definite shape of a refute crisis Dauphin letter attached presentation of a letter to "declare" writer Shi Liangcai, he boldly published. finished, Liu Hai-su has been exhausted, the next day Jibei taken to hospital [lssdjt.cn
April 17, this letter published in the declaration), the title is "Liu Haisu a letter to the Sun Chuan-fang Chen Tao legacy of two long reprimand crisis Dauphin on the ban issue decapitation:" The governor danger Dauphin ventured Advantage out of order, overreaching , the virtual Zhangguan frame, resigned all kinds of foul evil situation unbearable Yumu and so on, and then defy, that hair in the seal and so on, hitu destruction Bijiao honorary depending spacious corrected real theoretical inverse guilty of things different while the foot .... These types do not learn of the believers, embarrassed toilet seats, shy Yan was over the city even harming local containment absolute truth, sin can not be forgiven! begging fast to the Members Jiang Huai Su, the governor risk Dauphin strictly reprimanded, Yijing the falsehood and Akira truth. "
5 days after Liu Haisu fully recovered, he found a" the Liu Haisu notice) newspaper, broadly speaking ago, a moment of anger, offend in the crisis Dauphin, meaning containing an apology. the Liu Haisu reading were very angry. Liu Xiang, "declaration" to send a copy of their statement, the content is still argue, is willing to struggle truth without fatigue, and explain a the female body
date of the notice must not admit.
painter Xu Beihong painting of

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