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Marcy 27.1974-Wang Ming, the Chinese Communist leaders, died in Moscow

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(Jiayin March fourth day), March 27, 1974, the Chinese Communist leaders, Wang Ming died in Moscow.

Wang Ming, the Chinese Communist leaders, died in Moscow
Wang Ming died in Moscow "target =" _blank "> Wang Ming (Chen Shao-yu) In 1974, March 27, 2010 Wang Ming died in Moscow.
Wang Ming, formerly known as Chen Shao-yu. Anhui Lu'an people. born in 1904, went to study in the Soviet Union in 1925 and joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1926. former Moscow Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Communist Party branch publicity officer, secretary, organization sectarian cabal
1929 to return, any theoretical journal of the Central Propaganda Department "red flag" edit. "fight CPC more bolshevization booklet published in 1930. was elected as a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the Standing Committee in January 1931 at the Plenary Session of the Sixteenth CPC in the same year month CPC in the Comintern representatives went to the Soviet Union. still Bogut implementation of the "Left" adventurism, causing great losses to the Chinese revolutionary cause.
1937 11 returning, he was the secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the Yangtze River Bureau, the implementation of "all through the united front, all obey united front" Right capitulation route in September 1939, the CPC Central Committee decided to withdraw the Yangtze Bureau 1941 after illness, long-term, he served as the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Central the journals Commission President. long-term stay in the Soviet Union after the rest. 7th National Congress in 1945 was elected to the Central Committee.
Jianguo, Wang Ming Ren Government Administration Council, deputy director of political and legal committee in 1956 to the Soviet Union in treatment. Eighth Party Congress is still selected as a member of the Central Committee., and of 名马马维奇 Popovich wrote many articles attack the Chinese Communists.

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