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April 6.1992-Jiang Zemin for a goodwill visit to Japan

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On the fourth day of March (Renshen years), April 6, 1992, Jiang Zemin to Japan for a friendly visit.

Jiang Zemin for a goodwill visit to Japan
Jiang Zemin for a goodwill visit to Japan
Japanese Emperor Akihito met in the palace with General Secretary Jiang Zemin
1992 April 6, 2009, the General Secretary Jiang Zemin, for a friendly visit to Japan (11 days for Beijing). Before leaving Beijing, he said, went to Japan for a friendly visit has three purposes: First, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic; further promote the development of Sino-Japanese good-neighborly and friendly relations; Third, to deepen the traditional friendship between the two peoples . He said that in the current volatile international situation, the further development of Sino-Japanese friendly relations not only conforms to the fundamental interests of the two peoples, but also contribute to peace, stability and development of Asia and the whole world. Jiang Zemin in Japan
4 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations civil Organizing Committee speech delivered to the international situation and Sino-Japanese relations "speech:
Sino-Japanese diplomatic normalization, exposing opened a new chapter in the history of relations between the two countries. Through the efforts of the people of the two countries for 20 years, the Sino-Japanese friendship and cooperation has to bear fruitful results. In this regard, the Chinese people are happy and pleased that the people of Japan, and the people of the world happy. (L $ djτ.cōm)
"drinking water did not forget to digging wells." When we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic friends here and I like to reminisce about all the pioneers who contributed to the normalization of diplomatic relations, greatly admire the bilateral visionary statesman at 20 years ago to make a political decision, and very grateful to the people from all walks of life to make unremitting efforts to safeguard the development of Sino-Japanese friendly relations for 20 years. Their efforts, not only so that the face of the Sino-Japanese relations as one of the new situation in the Asia-Pacific region and to promote changes conducive to peace and development.
China and Japan is a friendly neighbor of the narrow strip of water, and the people in the 2,000 years of exchanges between the two countries have forged a profound friendship. A long time, the people friendly exchanges between the two countries is not only to promote the political, economic and cultural development in the two countries, but also made an outstanding contribution to the civilization of human society. Unfortunately, in the half century, the 19th century, especially from more than a decade beginning in the early 1930s, the friendly and cooperative relations has been seriously damaged. Japanese militarism, the Chinese people suffered a devastating disaster, but also so that the Japanese people. Guide for the future. We want to firmly draw the development of Sino-Japanese relations both positive and negative aspects of the experience and lessons. China and Japan only adhere to go live in friendship and cooperation, have a bright future, is the mutual interests lie. (L $ djτ.cōm)
Looking to the future of Sino-Japanese relations, I am very optimistic. Our two countries have many things in common in the field of culture, and easy to communicate, will help enhance mutual understanding and trust. After the normalization of diplomatic relations 20 years of efforts, we have established the basic norms guiding the relations between the two countries, the establishment of the various forms of dialogue channels to provide a guarantee for the smooth development of the relations between the two countries. Favorable conditions of climate, geography, and in the field of economic cooperation between our two countries. The further development of bilateral economic and opened broad prospects for expanding cooperation. As long as our two countries and peoples of mutual respect, mutual trust, honest, close cooperation, Sino-Japanese relations will surely achieve greater development.
Sino-Japanese friendship is not exclusive, on the contrary, it is in the two countries have built up extensive international relations on the basis of China has huge potential for economic development, has extensive ties with other developing countries. Japan's economy is strong, state-of-the-art science and technology, occupies an important position in the ranks of developed countries. China and Japan to strengthen friendship and cooperation, will have a significant impact on world peace and development. guests and hosts handshake

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