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Marcy 31.1971-Vietnamese village of My Lai massacre murderer sentenced

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(, Xinhai March fifth day), March 31, 1971, the Vietnamese village of My Lai massacre murderer sentenced. 31,

1971 end of the longest war crimes trials in the history of the United States, Lieutenant William Kelly is due to the role played in the Vietnamese village of My Lai massacre and sentenced to a lifetime of servitude. Benning Military Tribunal,
Georgia Ford declared him guilty of the crime of killing at least 20 civilians. Kelly arrangements have been controlled and killed 100 men, women and children, but about how many people were killed in the village of My Lai in fact the evidence is controversial.
outside the courtroom of about 100 onlookers gathered to support Kelly.
A woman said, "it would have meant him crucified, Lieutenant Kelly single-handedly killed 100 communists. He should get a medal, should be promoted to generals. George Latimer "
Kelly's lawyers said he would appeal the judgment. He called the verdict "for the United States, for the United States armed forces and for my client a terrible decision. Latimer is a retired military judge. He added: "This young man is a product of the system, the government forced him to leave the house, issued to him weapons, taught him to kill, however, that this is the same government but because of his murder of his trial and the selection of judges, court and prosecution. "
Kelly wave allegations have been implicated in the My Lai massacre of 25 officers and soldiers in the first conviction.
19 officers have been charged. 2 acquitted, three are still on trial, including Kelly's platoon commander, Captain Ernest Medina. The (lssjt.cn)
It is said that Medina command Kelly the Vietnamese captured as suspected minefields wizard. Kelly said yesterday he ordered shoot them because they are too slow. (L $ djτ.ōrɡ)

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