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April 5.1843-Charter signed officially announced Hong Kong as a British colony

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March sixth), (mao, April 5, 1843, the Charter was signed, officially announced that Hong Kong is a British colony.

Charter signed officially announced Hong Kong as a British colony
British Queen Victoria signed officially announced for the British colonial decree. Commonly known as "mandate of the people of Hong Kong-like." The provisions of the Treaty of Nanking in 1842 (Qing dynasty 22 years) in British ceded Hong Kong to Britain, April 5, 1843 (Qing dynasty 20 years), the British Queen Victoria signed the "Charter", officially declared Hong Kong British colony, the establishment of the Hong Kong governorship, to appoint the invasion of China the British Plenipotentiary Pottinger headed by the Governor of Hong Kong Chief commander. June in Hong Kong, the Sino-British Treaty of Nanking exchange of letters, was sworn in immediately Pottinger, announced Hong Kong as a British colony, and the establishment of the Executive Council (initially called meeting Council), the Legislative Council (initially called the the perpetual statute Bureau) to assist the Governor processing government. The (lsjt.org)
Henry Pottinger (1789-1856)

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