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Marcy 27.1898-Qing government to "Luda ​​rent land treaty signed with Russia"

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On March sixth (Reform Movement), March 27, 1898, the Qing government Luda rent land treaties signed with Russia. 27,

1898, the Qing government signed with Russia Luda Treaty of rented land "" target = "_blank"> Luda rented land treaties "December 15, 1897, Tsarist Russia an excuse to help China resist Germany seizure of Jiaozhou Bay, sent the fleet occupied Lushun. March 27 the following year, the Qing Prime Minister Yamen Minister Li with the Russian Embassy charge d'affaires Babu Norfolk signed in Beijing about the main elements: a loan Lushunkou, Dalian Bay, deadline 25 years; Russia enjoy concession expert regime; Third, the the Lushun naval base only Xu China and Russia, Russia may lease land within the construction of military facilities; Fourth, Russia has the privilege of the construction of the Middle East Spur Line the same year, and on May 7 signing of the the "renew Luda land rent Treaty Six in St. Petersburg, to further determine the exclusive rights of the Russian construction and concession near two about the signing of the China Northeast Tsarist Russia's sphere of influence.

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