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April 5.1976-Movement broke out against the Gang of Four, "four or five"

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(Hare on March sixth), April 5, 1976, against the Gang of Four, "four or five" movement outbreak. gathered millions of people,

Movement broke out against the Gang of Four, "four or five"
Movement broke out against the Gang of Four, "four or five"
Movement broke out against the Gang of Four, "four or five"
Movement broke out against the Gang of Four, "four or five"
Tiananmen Square in 1976, (lssjt.cn) occurred as the center of the Tiananmen Square incident, opposition to the "Gang of Four" national the mass protest movement, also known as the "Tiananmen Incident".
1976 in late March to April 5, the masses of the country's major cities, have spontaneously mourn Zhou Enlai protest against the "Gang of Four" borrow "Deng, counterattack rightist reverse the verdict Wind" Cuandangduoquan a variety of activities. Zhou Enlai mourn the gradual development of the dissatisfaction of the "Cultural Revolution" and the "Gang of Four" complaint. In In 4 earlier this month before and after the Ching Ming Festival, Beijing millions of people, from morning to night spontaneously gathered in Tiananmen Square to hold an oath of silence, lectures, recitation, copied poems and other activities in the People's the hero monument wreath attached flyer for poetry mourn Zhou Enlai, denouncing the "Gang of Four". For the behavior of the masses of the people's revolution, "Gang of Four" gang sent militia, police intervened to stop the activities of people mourning, the withdrawal of the products of mourning in Tiananmen Square, and sent plainclothes officers to track, arrest participate in mourning staff. Take despicable means to conceal the truth, to deceive the CPC Central Committee and Mao Zedong, to create a pretext for the repression of the masses. the
red Yue Opera Troupe director CENTRAL SOUTH FORESTRY speech in Tiananmen Square, criticized the current affairs
Political Bureau of the Central Committee meeting to discuss the problem of the Tiananmen Square incident, mistakenly believe that this is the counter-revolution to incite the masses to oppose Chairman Mao opposed to the general direction of central disrupt the struggle, "counter-revolutionary nature of the counterattack, and mistakenly decided to immediately clean up Tiananmen Square to mobilize garrison standby. Early Tuesday morning, the square wreaths were evacuated or destroyed, and some people were arrested. More angry masses, the same part of the militia, the police serious conflict. These protests, was mistakenly declared to be "counter-revolutionary events, was brutally crushed. 9:30 that evening, Beijing mobilized militia. Public security officers carrying clubs and garrison surrounded Square, the masses were beaten and arrested, the arrest of 38 people. Tiananmen protest movement was suppressed.
1978 11 14, approved by the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee announced Tiananmen Incident revolutionary action, and persecuted as a result of the incident, all vindicated. the poems

"four or five" period posted on the Monument to the People's Heroes

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