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April 23.1977-North Sea oil well explosion ocean contamination

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April 23, 1977 (, Dimba In March sixth), North Sea oil well explosion marine contamination.

North Sea oil well explosion ocean contamination
North Sea oil well explosion ocean contamination
North Sea near Norway, an oil well injection, resulting in a wide range of petroleum-contaminated.
1977 4 23, the North Sea on an oil well explosion near Norway, April 30 was brought under control. The accident caused 7.5 million gallons of crude oil spray, to form a 45-mile-long, 30 miles wide with the oil spill in the ocean between Norway and the United Kingdom. This part of the oil in addition to part of the natural die within two years, will float up to the coast. Suffer the marine life and the environment of the human survival. oil The clear oil
efforts trying to stop the oil well ejected into the sea

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