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April 27.1993-"Wang-Koo talks" held in Singapore

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(癸酉 leap March sixth), April 27, 1993, "Wang-Koo Talks" held in Singapore. Wang Daohan, chairman of the Association of

"Wang-Koo talks" held in Singapore
sea (right) and SEF Chairman Koo Chen-fu (left) historic handshake
the attracted worldwide attention, "Wang-Koo Talks" at the April 27, 1993 to 28 in Singapore. This is the first interview authorized non-governmental organizations in the two sides of the Taiwan Strait leaders, interviews both were Wang Daohan, chairman of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait and Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation chairman Koo Chen-fu.
Cross-Strait Relations Association was established on December 16, 1991, which aim to promote cross-strait exchanges, the development of cross-strait relations, and to achieve the peaceful reunification of the motherland. The first president Wang Daohan former Mayor of Shanghai, Rong was appointed Honorary President of the Association for ARATS was established more than a year, a lot of work to promote contacts and exchanges across the Taiwan Strait. The 1992 year will contribute to the cross-strait news, culture, the scientific community and cross-strait youth, children two-way communication, to assist in handling the cross-strait sea fishermen disputes, and made efforts to promote cross-strait trade and business between. SEF on cross-strait notarization, query, and start-up registered mail inquiries, compensation matters, the first working-level talks, also has initialed the agreement. Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation (lssdjt.cn)
was established on November 21, 1990, March 9, 1991, formally. Taiwan claimed that the establishment of this institution is to not only adhere to the "three noes" policy with the mainland "no contact, no negotiations, no compromise", but also face the problems to be derived from cross-strait exchanges, the two sides negotiated settlement reality. Civil agency "responsible for cross-strait exchanges," as Taiwan, SEF NT 700 million yuan fund, the official funding accounted for 520 million yuan and 180 million yuan donated by the private enterprises in Taiwan. SEF's first chairman Koo Chen-fu, former KMT Central Standing Committee, chairman of the Taiwan Federation of Industries.
ARATS year, "Wang-Koo talks" aimed at contributing to the early realization of made positive efforts. January 8, 1992, soon after the establishment of the ARATS sent a letter inviting SEF chairman, vice chairman, the Secretary-General to lead a delegation to visit. August 4, Wang Daohan again an invitation to Mr. Koo Chen-fu, "the current economic development, the two organizations conference issues, exchange negotiation program. August 22, Koo Chen-fu formal reply letter to accept the invitation. Since then, the "Wang-Koo talks" has gradually become a the opinion formers hot topic on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, "cross-strait taken the first step in the formal talks. Since then, the two organizations to negotiate this one talks telegram contacts have continued, after six months of deliberation and preparation, April 8 to 10, 1993, SEF Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Cheyne Chiu visit to Beijing, the ARATS and the sea Foundation held the "Wang-Koo talks" preliminary consultations to determine the main topic of the "Wang-Koo Talks":
talks, Wang Daohan, chairman of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait and Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation Chairman of the Board Koo Chen-fu on strengthening cross-strait economic cooperation and technological and cultural exchanges, two sessions, conference consultations, and reached consensus in many aspects, "Wang-Koo Talks common agreement was signed on the morning of April 29," the two sides notarial certificate verification agreement "cross-strait registered mail inquiries, four file system agreement" on compensation matters agreement "and" the two sessions contact with talks, mutually satisfactory result. The talks marked the cross-strait relationship has taken a historic and important step, it is for the promotion of the in-depth development of cross-strait relations and promoting peaceful reunification of the motherland, and to play an active role.

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