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April 4.1949-North Atlantic Treaty Organization was established

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April 4, 1949 (Year of the OX, March seventh day), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was established.

1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was established. the
after the Second World War, to deal with the growing influence of the Soviet Union, the United States and its Western European allies advocated to strengthen collective defense. United States, (on com) Canada with the States Parties to the Brooklyn the cold Seoul Treaty "(Britain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Lu) negotiations, the North Atlantic Treaty signed in Washington on April 4, 1949 com) Italy signatories In addition to the above-mentioned countries, as well as Denmark, (history com) Norway (on com) Iceland (history com) Portugal, (Today in History 12 countries (Greece, (history com) Turkey, the Federal Republic of Germany (history com) Spain to participate in the 1952, 1965, 1982), which established the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
the provisions of the Convention, States parties to the joint implementation of collective defense, any State Party and the war of his country, the other States Parties should be given assistance, including force support. NATO in Brussels. The Council of Ministers and the Defense Planning Committee, the organization's highest decision-making body for NATO.
from 1949 to 1955, the NATO perfect organization at all levels, unified military command system, the establishment of the integrated forces and implement the strength plus negotiations "policy. Emphasis on conventional forces in 1978 through 15 years (1979-1994) the long-term defense planning, large-scale joint military exercises held annually. NATO members also participated in the European Security and Cooperation in meetings and negotiations. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)
attached: the NATO Memorabilia
1949: Berlin crisis was signed in Washington, the NATO treaty. Originally belonging to NATO's 12 countries: United States, Canada, the Netherlands, (history cn) Belgium (history com) Luxembourg, (on com) UK, (Today in History . com), France, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. After participating countries: Turkey and Greece (1952), the Federal Republic of Germany (1955), Spain (1982), Poland (history com), Hungary and the Czech Republic (1999).
1950 25: three-year Korean War began. The NATO reaction is: the establishment of a centralized command of the armed forces.
1955 14: Moscow joined Germany to respond to: the establishment of the Warsaw Treaty Organization. In December, NATO decided to NATO forces armed with nuclear weapons.
1956 10 12, 2008: Hungary uprising of the people. The same in the German Democratic Republic in 1953, construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 and the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, Western inaction. East-West crisis occurred
1962 10 22, 2007: Soviet missiles around the Cuban island. Soviet concessions. July 1, 1966: French to quit military integration. NATO headquarters evacuated from France in 1967 Brussels. the 13-14 December
1967: "strategy of flexible response" to develop on the basis of the report in Amer. Prior to the implementation of the strategy of "massive retaliation".
1968 1, 2010: the conclusion of a comprehensive test ban treaty. Seven weeks after the Russians to use force to end the "Prague Spring" political. In 26:
1972 superpowers signed the first phase of talks on limiting strategic arms agreements. Other agreements signed after the first Strategic Arms Limitation significant agreements. (TodayinHistory.cn)
1979 12 12, 2008: NATO to make new nuclear missiles in Europe, "additional armaments" the dual decision disarmament proposals to Moscow at the same time. Despite vehement protests, the deployment of the Pershing 2 missiles since 1983. In 11:
1985 in Moscow, Gorbachev became the Soviet Communist Party General Secretary. This new character to the series of disarmament proposals in the West on the defensive. 8, 2008:
1987 12 medium-range missile agreement. The medium-range missiles of the United States and Russia will be destroyed. Reference 1990 10: German re-unification. NATO expanded. November 19, 1990: NATO and the Warsaw Pact signed a treaty of the CSCE. CFE implementation of disarmament. 1, 2010:
1991 dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. In December, the Soviet Union also disintegrated. January 11, 1994: NATO to former enemies recommended the establishment of the Partnership for Peace (PfP). Participated in nearly 30 countries. In 1997, a "basic document provides recognition of the special status of Russia.
1995 12 20: NATO peacekeepers stationed in Bosnia. Union has been operating there since 1993, took over from the United Nations in the hands of the military to ensure peace mission.
1998 10 13: to Serbia in the Kosovo conflict, NATO issued an ultimatum threat. The United Nations does not authorize the use of force.
1999, 12, 2008: Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland deposited instruments of ratification to the Union so that the Union now includes 19 members.
1999 19: NATO threatened to carry out an attack at Kosovo peace talks in France failed.
1999 23: NATO Secretary General Javier Solana command of large-scale air strikes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. 24, 2009, NATO began air strikes against Yugoslavia, this is the first time since its inception, NATO armed intervention against a sovereign country without the authorization of the UN Security Council.
1999: held in Washington on April 24-25, the 50th anniversary of the Union was established. Meantime at the NATO summit meeting to discuss the new strategic concept of NATO for the 21st century to determine NATO's future in the new mission on the basis of "collective defense".

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