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Marcy 30.1974-More Americans attempt chaotic life

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(Jiayin March, the seventh day), March 30, 1974, more Americans trying chaotic life. the

More Americans attempt chaotic life
More Americans attempt chaotic life
70 years the decadent American youth
psychologist and sociologist think that the increase sexual confusion behavior is. According to the report of the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research in the 1950s and more recent material, it is estimated that 12% of women's sexual confusion experienced men this figure doubled. The doctors have just began to investigate the reasons for this phenomenon and its impact on health.
some experts say, the women's movement in the front engage in heterosexual women freed from dependence on her husband. Some experts believe that assertive women will rely on heterosexual love the man hurried into the brig. Some people say that feminists encourage homosexual men love women. A mental illness, experts say, the holders of sexual confusion perspectives in fact, than people to engage in sexual confusion. European and American youth for fashion blue jeans and gay


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