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April 4.1987-The death of famous film artists Situ Huimin

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(Dingmao March seventh day), April 4, 1987, death of famous film artists Situ Huimin. April 4, 2011

The death of famous film artists Situ Huimin
1987, the death of the famous film artists Situ Huimin "target =" _blank "> Situ Huimin died in Beijing.
Situ Huimin was born in Kaiping County, Guangdong Province, a Chinese family in 1925, the Communist Youth League, converted to Communist Party members in 1927, and participated in the Guangzhou Uprising 1928, he went to Japan, the Tokyo Ueno Fine Arts School to learn, and at the same time engaged in the study of film and radio in 1930, Stuart Huimin back to Shanghai, Shanghai Art Drama Society to participate in the leadership of the party engaged in film work from 1932, is one of the team members of my party movies he united a group of left-wing and progressive artists, co-shot "peaches and plums robbery "and" freedom of God "," cityscape "and" Children of movie, with the revolutionary struggle, and inspired the patriotic enthusiasm of the majority of the people of the anti-Japanese national salvation. later, he actively organize shooting anti-imperialist and anti-feudal theme The majority of the movie, unite and fight for the film industry, played a large role in the protection and the development and progress of movie fall of 1937, the Sino-Japanese War broke out, according to the instructions of the party, he moved to Hong Kong to carry out the war film work, organization and personally shooting "island paradise", "Baiyun hometown," guerrilla March, and blood spattered Baoshan City "and other films later, he participated in the organization the" Journey Gangju Association, united in the Hong Kong film industry, literary and art circles people in 1943, the Chinese the arts Drama Club's leadership of the party leadership, in Chongqing, he was engaged in the revolutionary drama activities after the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, in July 1946, he sailed across the oceans to the United States to study film and movie management, at the same time engaged in Overseas work in the United States during the period, he directed and filmed documentary "folk dance", won the the Edinburgh documentary film Film Festival award in 1948. Situ Huimin returned to China in April 1952, from committed to the new Chinese film the construction and development of the cause of his for the development of the socialist cause of film and television, for the development of the goal of the revitalization of China's film technology, the establishment of the modern movie technology system has made important contributions. prominent members of the
then the Huang Miaozi a "Mourning Stuart, very touching:
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two criminal days like yesterday;
FY Love,
fighting silver altar six years.
cold rain Qiaochuang Yuanwanglou,
enemy of their tears Shuangliu the;
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the Taixi wasteland lost this cattle!

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