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April 23.1616-Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes's death

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April 23, 1616 (, hare on March eighth day), the death of the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes. Cervantes's birthday

Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes's death
"target =" _blank "> Cervantes, Spanish writer, October 9, 1547 Born in Madrid Alcala - 德埃纳雷斯 town, due to the lack of means only on secondary schools. later led a vagrant life with his father. act as Julio Ake boast Wiwa Cardinal's entourage in 1569, went to Italy, traveled around and read a lot of literary works of Renaissance. the army in 1570, after serious injuries crippled left hand. began writing the script in 1582 after the death of his father, and his living environment becomes extremely bad up in 1602, he began to write the novel "Don Quixote" (published in 1605 become masterpieces). forgeries "Don Quixote" second advent, led him to writing word Zhang was finally published in 1615, but he has been confined to bed, has not yet finished writing a lengthy new creation works dedications, died in Madrid but his masterpiece "Don Quixote" has man love.

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