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April 23.1616-Chinese writer Xianzu's death

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April 23, 1616 (, hare on March eighth day), the Chinese writer Xianzu's death. in Linchuan death of

Chinese writer Xianzu's death
Xianzu "target =" _blank "> Xianzu (1550-1616), the meaning of words still, No. certain No. Hairuo the Qingyun Taoist. distinguished playwright of the Ming Dynasty, writer . has an important position in China, and the history of world literature, known as the "Oriental Shakespeare Linchuan County cloud Township,
soup's ancestral home, and later moved to Tang Jiashan (now Fuzhou City). Xianzu childhood clever studious, 21 years old in the move. due refused attachment dignitaries, although learned before, "name cloth Tianrang" Scholars in to the 31-year-old before after successive too often the main book of Dr. Zhan intercourse, the Ministry of Rites Temple priests principal. nineteen years of the Ming Dynasty (1591) he witnessed the then the bureaucratic corruption angrily on "On the Fu-chen Section minister sparse, impeachment scholar Shenshi Hang and attacked the affairs of state, angered the emperor and disparaged Xuwen Code history, and later transferred to Zhejiang the Suichang magistrate, term of five years, the achievements striking, because of the suppression of the tyrannical enraged bigwigs incurred criticism from supervisors and local forces against, finally concentrated in anger official position normalized Wanli 20 years (1598), the drama and poetry writing. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)

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