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April 23.1200-Chinese thinker and writer Zhu Xi's death

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April 23, 1200 (on March ninth day Gengshen years), the death of Chinese thinker and writer Zhu Xi.

Chinese thinker and writer Zhu Xi's death
Zhu Xi's death "target =" _blank "> Zhu Xi (1130-1200), characters unlucky number Huian alias test Pavilion, Ziyang. Huizhou po source (now part of Jiangxi) people had in Chong An Ziyang Fujian College of any speaker, in his later years Xiju Jianyang test kiosks is a disciple of Cheng Hao, Cheng Hao. successive Quanzhou Tongan main thin know Nankang Army, Mige repair grant Huanzhang Court Daizhi set the culmination of jurisprudence, the main representative of the Neo School.
Zhu Xi engaged in education over 50 years, the most knowledgeable in the Song Dynasty Confucianism, widely Note books, classics, history, astronomy, geography, music, music law and natural sciences have Jujing main advocate "deposit Dali, Annihilate Desire"; knowledge has line take heuristic approach to education, advocate their own reading, exploring truth, ask questions, resolve doubts. advocate moral cultivation Zhu Xi Neo Chinese feudal rulers as the ideological.
academic orthodoxy. "Four Books", the Shijizhuan "Chu variorum", "four books Zhangju variorum", "Original Meaning" and descendants compiled and Hui Zhu Wengong anthology "" ZHUAIYULE "," Zhu Daquan "
1200 April 23 (Southern Song Qingyuan six years early March 9, ago 812 years) passed away.

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